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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Easy Steps to Greener Living

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5 Easy Steps to Greener Living
Small actions can create BIG changes -- especially when it comes to saving the environment! A few years ago, Illinois made an effort to go green by providing all residential homes with recycling bins. It's not only made recycling easier but it's also made it super fun! We keep little bins throughout our house for all our recyclables and try to see who can fill their bin the fastest (who doesn't love a little competition?!) If I've learned anything these past few years it that's going green can be easy as 1, 2, 3! Here are 5 simple tips for living a greener life:

Monday, March 30, 2015

Music Festival Must Haves

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Music festival season has officially begun and I couldn't be more excited! I absolutely love going to concerts (especially when they're at a small/intimate venue.) I love the energy at concerts and getting to see my favorite performers live. I've attended over a dozen Lollapalooza after shows (like Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding, The Lumineers and Young the Giant,) but it wasn't until I covered last year's two day iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party festival that I really caught the music festival bug! This year I decided to finally bite the bullet and get a 3 Day Lollapalooza Pass (the most I've ever gotten was a one day ticket!) I'm so excited because originally I was going to Coachella to celebrate my birthday (which is ALWAYS during the second weekend of the festival) but we decided to delay our California trip until May so we can also attend the Disneyland 60th anniversary celebration. Turns out, the four artists I was most excited to see at Coachella are going to be a Lollapalooza! To celebrate getting Lollapalooza 3 Day Passes (which sold out in less than 40 minutes,) I'm sharing my music festival must haves:

Friday, March 27, 2015

What Being a Blogger Has Taught Me + My 300th Post

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Today I'm crossing something very special off my bucket list: Writing 300 blog posts! It might not seem like a lot but when I first started this blog a little under two years ago (my official blogiversary is in May,) I honestly had no idea how long this blog would last or how much I'd end up LOVING blogging! I first started this blog the summer of my junior year of college after failing to get an internship (ironically, about two weeks after my blogs debut I got TWO internships but that's a story for a different time.) I wanted to have some kind of online portfolio that showcased my writing, photography skills and knowledge of HTML and other computer skills. Who would have thought that this little blog would be the source of so much happiness in my life and would give me so many amazing opportunities (some of which I'm STILL in awe about!) Here's five things blogging has taught me:

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Favorite Fashion Finds 38. (ft. Lilia Kazakova)

 Who? Lilia Kazakov of NAPPY HAIRZ

What She’s Wearing: Monki Scarf, Choies Skirt, H&M Coat, Primark Jumper, Alexander Wang Shoes, and Bershka Bag.

Fashion Icons: “My style icon is Kylie Jenner. Not only do I love her make-up (totally obsessed with the Kylie Jenner lip,) I also think she’s the perfect example of somebody that can mix and match sporty, edgy items with more feminine pieces. ”

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breaking Out of My Funk(With the Help of SNICKERS®)

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Wes Anderson prints, wes anderson, gallery wall, cute gallery wall, fun office spaces, cute office inspiration
Although I'm generally a happy person 90% of the time (I'm all for choosing happiness,) there are those moments when things get a little overwhelming! I've always been great at multitasking but even I can get frustrated when it seems like everything is pilling up. Between work, blogging and freelance writing on the side, sometimes (most of the time) my deadlines all end up being the exact same time. Although it can get a little chaotic (no complaints here) sometimes, what helps me get through it all is my desk! My desk is basically my safe haven. It's where I get about 75% of my work done. I love decorating it according to the season (this month I have a Hello Kitty Easter Basket to represent Easter & Spring) and seeing all my little toys and knick knacks on it as I do my work. My desk always makes my smile and it really helps me get through tough assignments. Last week, unfortunately, my desk was such a mess that I couldn't get anything done! I had four deadlines to meet on Monday and I was stressing out big time! I don't know about you but nothing helps me get out of a funk like chocolate!