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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blind Box & Bag Roundup 19. [Sonny Angel Edition]

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup. Today's BB&BR is dedicated to the adorable Sonny Angel figures. For years I've seen these little figures popping up left and right on Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and toy collector forums. I remember seeing the Ladurée Pâtisseries Collection a while back and thinking they were just the cutest little things! So during one of my weekly trips to Rotofugi, I decided to FINALLY pick up a few boxes (I couldn't resist them any longer!) I decided to get one Sonny Angel from the Ladurée Pâtisseries Collection, Valentine's Day Series 2015 and Vegetable Series.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday's Music 18 [Lollapalooza 2015 Edition]

Happy Monday! I'm so EXCITED because this weekend is LOLLAPALOOZA! Although I've been to dozens of Lollapalooza after shows (my favorites were definitely Lana Del ReyThe Lumineers, Young the Giant and Two Door Cinema Club), I've never experienced the entire festival (the most I'd ever gone was one day.) This year I decided to FINALLY get three day passes and I couldn't be happier! So in honor of Lolla, this week's Monday's Music is dedicated to the nine artists I'm most excited about seeing live this weekend: Paul McCartney, Of Monsters and Men, Florence + The Machine, Marina & the Diamonds, GIVERS, Sam Smith, WALK THE MOON, Alabama Shakes and MisterWives (that's not to say there aren't more artists I'm excited about seeing. I'm excited about almost EVERYONE performing at Lolla this year!)  
Maybe I’m Amazed - Paul McCartney // Our Own House - MisterWives // Crystals - Of Monsters And Men // Never Let Me Go - Florence + the Machine // Hold On - Alabama Shakes // Saw You First - GIVERS // Oh No! -  Marina & the Diamonds // Latch (Acoustic Version) - Sam Smith // Tightrope - WALK THE MOON

Friday, July 24, 2015

How To Plan The Ultimate Spur Of The Moment Vacation

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Traveling is definitely my FAVORITE hobby and thankfully I have a job that gives me the freedom and flexibility to travel OFTEN! Case in point, earlier this year (January) I had only three days (that's right THREE DAYS) to plan, organize and book a trip to New York City after finding out I'd been selected to attend a live taping of Saturday Night Live. Not wanting to let this amazing opportunity pass me by (I have a friend who has been trying to get SNL tickets for the past 7 years with no luck,) I decided to drop everything and wing it (and I've got to say it was the best decision of my life!) Seeing SNL live was something that had been on my bucket list since I was seven years old! Although I'm a HUGE traveler (in fact, I have a trip planned every month from August to April 2016,) that was the first time I'd ever done anything so spontaneous! I learned a lot from that experience but the biggest take away was that sometimes life doesn't go as planned. Sometimes plans fall apart and schedules change, so why not live in the moment? Why not drop everything and just GO! I would have regretted not winging it and flying to NYC (I literally got back Monday at 10AM and went to work at 11AM) and crossing off seeing SNL from my bucket list (it was AMAZING, one of the best nights of my life!)

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Ultimate College Survival Kit

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Ultimate College Survival Kit, College Survival Kit, Target College Essentials
It's July, which means summer is drawing to an end and back to school time is quickly approaching! Although I graduated in 2014 (I can't believe it's been a year already) two of my best friends are still in college and I know a lot of you, my lovely readers, are undergrads too! I'm excited to announce that for the next two months I'll be teaming up with Target Back to College to create the ultimate back to college survival guide! From must-haves to supplies to dorm decor, Target was definitely my one stop shop during my college years (who am I kidding, Target is my one stop shop for EVERYTHING!) Since one of our close family friends is entering her first semester of college this fall (and I LOVE making little gift baskets,) I decided to put together the ultimate college survival guide:

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Send Smiles & Celebrate The Minions Lovers In Your Life

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Is it just me or does it seem like EVERYONE has a summer birthday? Seriously, four of my close friends have summer birthdays (and two of them are just a week apart!) No complaints here though, I LOVE celebrating the people I love (especially if there's birthday cake involved!) I know I've said this a million times on this blog before but my FAVORITE thing about birthday's is the cards! Funny cards, sentimental cards and everything in between, birthday cards are just so fun to pick out! Since I have three friends who are celebrating their birthdays within the next four weeks, I've sort of been on the hunt for the perfect birthday cards. Last week while I was at Walmart, I saw the cutest Hallmark Minions display!