Jazz Record Mart: The World’s Largest Jazz and Blues Record Store

August 21, 2013

Jazz Record Mart
I recently visited Jazz Record Mart and was shocked by what I found! Being from Chicago, I’ve always prided myself on what a huge jazz fan am I. I’ve always thought of myself as someone who was well versed in jazz music but now I’m not so sure. After visiting Jazz Record Mart, I’ve been exposed to a whole new level of jazz and blues music. There’s so many artists beyond Miles Davis, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles and Kenny G! More than 75% of the artist there where people I hadn’t heard of! And it’s not like they were unpopular artists, most were blue’s and jazz legends! As I was browsing Jazz Record Mart, I took mental notes of artists I wanted to learn more about.

Jazz Record Mart The World's largest Jazz Record StoreJazz Record Mart
The store didn’t just offer up jazz and blue’s music, it was also carried gospel, R&B, new music, international & spoken word records. Aside from records, they also sold DVD’s, box sets, soundtracks, cassettes, and posters. It’s weird, it’s like I’m been living in a jazz bubble all my life and now it’s finally bursted. I’m glad I gave Jazz Record Mart a visit because now I’ve discovered a ton of amazing new blue’s and jazz artists.