Vinyl Hunting at Urban Outfitters

October 10, 2013

Urban Outfitters Vinyl RecordsI haven’t been Vinyl Hunting in a while so I decided to hit up Urban Outfitters and see what they had in stock. I personally don’t buy my Vinyl records form Urban (they’re so much money) but I looked around anyway. I like to buy my records from either legit record stores, thrift shops, garage or estate sales and of course on good ole! I will admit that the one thing I love about Vinyl’s from Urban Outfitters is that a lot of them offer an additional MP3 download of the album. I’ve always thought that was pretty cool. If they lower the prices I might have to start buying records from here (or if someone gives me a Urban Gift Card hint hint.)

Urban Outfitters Vinyl Records
When I was browsing through the records I came across a True Blood Vinyl. The record was True Blood: Music From The HBO Original Series, Volume 4. I knew they made CD soundtracks of True Blood but I’ve never seen them in vinyl format so I thought that was a pretty cool find.True Blood Music From The HBO Original Series, Volume 4 Vinyl