Kidrobot Futurama Series 1 Blind Box Opening

November 15, 2013

I loved my Kidrobot Simpsons blind box so much that I decided to branch off and try a Futurama one. I’m a huge Matt Groening fan so I knew this was the next Kidrobot product I had to try! If I’m being honest, I REALLY wanted to get Fry or Zoidberg because they are my two favorite characters. I also really wanted the robot Devil because the odds of getting him are hard so that would have been cool but I knew I’d be happy with whatever I got.

And I got…ZAPP BRANNIGAN! I actually really love this figure! I always thought Zapp Brannigan was hilarious! I loved Futurama episodes where the storyline involved him and his alien pal Kif. I love his little facial expression, it’s so him!