Happy Birthday Kleenex

February 14, 2014

**Note: this post is sponsored by Kleenex, but opinions are all mine! Thanks for your support**
Kleenex® has been around for 90 years and to celebrate they’re introducing another innovative first: The Kleenex Style Studio. The Kleenex Style Studio is a fun way to find more of the Kleenex® Brand designs and products we all know and love.

Kleenex Quiz
Test your Kleenex® knowledge with the Catwalk or Kleenex quiz. See if you can spot the difference between high fashion designs and Kleenex patterns/design. Taking the quiz will even enter you for a chance to win a trip to NYC with $5000 for shopping. Who wouldn’t want that?

In honor of 90 years of excellent service, I headed to Target to stock up on my favorite tissues!
Kleenex tissues TargetKleenex Tissue Patterns
I love how Kleenex boxes aren’t boring. In fact, they’re quite stylish! I love the bright colors and kooky patterns. From bright orange patterns to subtle blue stripes, it seems like there’s a Kleenex design for everyone! There were so many amazing designs that I couldn’t pick just one! So I decided that they more they merrier!
kleenex style stuido
I spend a lot of time at my desk blogging, writing, doing homework, watching Netflix (so excited House of Cards is back), so I like to keep my Kleenex box nice and close! My desk is my personal workspace so I love to decorate it with kooky nicknacks, playbills, prints, toys and magazines. I love how effortlessly my Kleenex box blends in! Can you spot the Kleenex boxes?
Which Kleenex design is your favorite?