Adventures in Vinyl Hunting at Half Priced Books

March 16, 2014

Its been almost two months (really?!?) since I’ve gone vinyl hunting (you can check out January’s vinyl hunt HERE) so I decided to spend Saturday afternoon visiting one of my favorite record stores: Half Priced Books! I love this record store so much because it’s half record store, half vintage book shop (talk about heaven!) This might sound a bit weird but I’ve come to love the smell of old books and dusty records!  
Chicago record store

The Mama's and the Papa's vinyl Vintage record store
I was super excited to find The Mamas & the Papas debut studio album If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears for only $3.99! Such an incredible album at such an unbelievable price! That’s my favorite part of vinyl hunting, finding those hidden gems. I also found some great Elvis and Rolling Stones albums. 

I really wish record stores sold newer vinyls at a discounted price. There was a slightly used Adele 21 album and it was still $20! Why is it that I was able to find The Magical Mystery Tour (my favorite Beatles album) for less than $4 but something that was released in the last 10 years costs an arm and a leg? 

I’m still on the hunt for Coldplay’s Parachutes. It’s crazy that Coldplay is my favorite band but the only Coldplay vinyl I own is X&Y (which is my FAVORITE album.) I’ve actually only seen a Coldplay album in person once and it was $40. I guess I’ll have to browse Amazon to complete my Coldplay collection.