#100HappyDays (Day 17-26)

April 8, 2014

Can you be happy 100 days straight?  Here’s what made me happy this week:
3/29/14: Nathan’s Hot Dogs. Even though I’m from Chicago my favorite way to eat a hotdog is with ketchup and mustard! 
3/30/14: Racquetball. When I’m feeling stressed, racquetball is the perfect solution!

3/31/14: Early Birthday Gift. I got this adorable purse from LuLu’s! I love this color so much!
4/1/14: Turkey Sandwich. I can’t even begin to describe how perfect this meal was!
4/2/14: BuzzFeed! On this day my fourth Buzzfeed post when viral getting over 100,000 views!
4/3/14: Barbie. The original Barbie is so gorgeous!
4/4/14: Chili Cheese Fries. If you can’t tell by now, food makes me very happy!
4/5/14: Funko Mystery Minis. On this day I got my first Game of Thrones Funko mystery minis! I got Arya and Robb Stark!
4/6/14: Game of Thrones. Even though HBO GO was being difficult, I was still able to watch GOT live!
 4/7/14: Michael Ian Black. Seeing Michael Ian Black live was amazing! He was hilarious and it made me remember what a great show Stella and Michael & Michael Have Issues was!

What makes you happy? Tell me in the comments below or tweet me @Simplysinova.