Favorite Fashion Finds 19. (ft. Megan Elliott)

April 25, 2014

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Who? Andrea Megan Elliott (she goes by her middle name, Megan) of Lush to Blush
What She’s Wearing: Urban Philosophy tee, Riffraff skirt, Shoe Dazzle shoes, Darby Smart bag, and Lipstick Rose necklace.
Fashion Icons: “It’s hard to say who my favorite style icon is as I believe style comes from within, so I don’t like to model my looks after anyone else’s style. I feel I can relate to Olivia Palermo, Nicole Richie and Lauren Conrad. My personal style is all over the place though!”

What fashion means to her: “To me, fashion is everything. But style is where fashion really shines. There are so many millions of options out there, but even if two people choose the same item, the way they style it will be completely different, and that is beautiful. My philosophy is this: If you have style, it doesn’t matter where you shop.”
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