Yoplait vs. Chobani Taste Off

April 18, 2014

In a national taste test, Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry beat Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry. Today, I decided to host a little Yoplait vs. Chobani taste-off of my own! I invited a few friends over to find out once and for all which brand has the best Greek Yogurt. In order to find out which yogurt held supreme, I broke the taste-off into five categories: design, nutritional value, price, availability and (most importantly) taste! 
Yoplait vs. Chobani

Round 1: Design
Yoplait vs. Chobani
While the packaging on both is nice, 3/4 friends agreed that the red coloring on the Chobani package really highlighted the strawberries. This one goes to Chobani!

Round 2: Nutritional Value. 

Yoplait vs. Chobani
This one was a tie because both greek yogurts are only 100 calories. Talk about a yummy and healthy snack!

Round 3: Price. The Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry yogurt retailed for $1.03, while the Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry retailed for $1.07. This round goes to Yoplait!

Round 4: Availability. I was able to find the Yoplait Greek 100 Strawberry yogurt at Target, Walmart and two local grocery stores, while I was only able to find the Chobani Simply 100 Strawberry at one grocery store. I need a yogurt that isn’t hard to find! This one goes to Yoplait!

Round 5: Taste.
Yoplait vs. Chobani
First of all, I liked how the Yoplait had a reddish/pink coloring to it. It actually looks like it’s strawberry flavored. By just looking at the Chobani, you can’t tell what the flavoring might be. We all agreed that the constancy of the yoplait was very creamy and smooth while the Chobani was very thick and chunky.  Also there seemed to be a few strawberry chunks in the Yoplait, which added extra flavor! By an unanimous vote, Yoplait wins!

Take the Yoplait taste test and #TasteOff for yourself HERE!

*Today’s #Tasteoff was sponsored by Yoplait, but the best yogurt was determined by me (and friends).*