#100HappyDays(Day 65-73)

May 28, 2014

Can you be happy 100 days straight?  Here’s what made me happy this week:
5/16/14: Judd. I miss this little guy so much. I know that he’ll find his forever home soon! His favorite thing to do was take naps in the grass.

5/17/14: Whole Foods Date. My family goes to whole foods at least once a week to have lunch. Every time we go we joke that we’re on a ‘whole foods date’ since it can get a little pricey.
5/18/14: Record Shopping. After visiting several record stores, I still wasn’t able to find The Black Keys Turn Blue vinyl so I ended up ordering it online. It should be here this week!
5/19/14: Getting Organized. I’ve had a lot on my plate recently and I was starting to fill a little disorganized. I decided to get three Rifle Paper Co. journals to help better organize my daily duties. One journal is for writing down ideas for Simply Sinova, one is for mapping out articles for the three sites I’m a contributing writer for and the last one is to jot down ideas for a top secret project I’m working on!
5/20/14: Deep Dish Pizza. Deep dish pepperoni pizza is my absolute favorite thing! I could eat it every day! Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria (where this pizza is from) and Pizzeria Due are my top two favorite pizza places.
5/21/14: TopShop. A little shopping never hurt anybody, right?
5/22/14: Tea for Two. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t really like tea but Argo Tea Cafe is one of my favorite places to visit for a quick snack.
5/23/14: My Mom’s Birthday. How adorable are these chocolate covered strawberries my mom got for her birthday?!
5/24/14: X Men. Days of Future Past was sold out opening day so we waited until Saturday to see it! It got mixed reviews within my family but I personally liked it! Nothing will ever compare to X2 but it was still fun seeing my favorite mutants!
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