#100HappyDays(Day 82-90)

June 16, 2014

Can you be happy 100 days straight?  Here’s what made me happy this week:
6/3/14: Flower Shopping Take 3. I think it’s safe to say that Tulips have officially become my favorite thing ever. I always thought flowers were pretty but I never really cared about them. I thought they were too much work. I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’ve discovered that Tulips do best in areas with dry summers and cold winters. Argo, Tulips are perfect Chicago plants!
Tulip Flowers

6/4/14: Wes Anderson Case. I’m in love with my new Wes Anderson phone case courtesy of  Mr. Nutcase. Every time I look at it I smile because it reminds me of all the amazing things I’ve been able to accomplish through blogging.  Never in a million years did I think that blogging would bring me as much joy as it does! If you haven’t already seen my post about this adorable case yet, you can check it out HERE.
Wes Anderson Phone Case
6/5/14: Lion King. I love this picture! I took it while I was at the Museum of Science and Industry (aka the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere!) I always loved going to this museum as a kid because of the circus themed rooms. 
The Lion King
6/6/14: OITNB. Like most people, I spend last Friday watching season two of Orange is The New Black. I really enjoyed the second season. I felt that it really furthered a lot of people’s story lines and got a lot done in 13 episodes. 
Orange is the new Black season 2
6/7/14: Bacon Chase Race. Saturday, I took a short break from binge watching OITNB to run in the Bacon Chase 5k (although I ran the 0.05 course.) It was so much fun! I’m definitely training to run the full 5k next year! You can check out my full Bacon Chase recap HERE. I’m still in a bit of a bacon coma!
Chicago Bacon Chase Race 2014
6/8/14: Etsy Shop. Today was a milestone for Simply Sinova. On this day, I sold my first two mason jars on Etsy! I opened this Etsy shop back in May after I discovered my love for DIY mason jar crafts but it was kind of a side project. Now, after receiving some great tips from Etsy shop openers and positive feedback from readers, I’ve decided to spend a little more time developing my shop. You check out my Etsy shop HERE.
Gold Mason Jar Etsy
6/9/14: Rainbow. One of my favorite things about Chicago is all the locally owned businesses. One of my favorites is Rainbow Cone. Although I’m a huge fan of their famous ‘rainbow cone,’ my favorite flavor is their cookies and creme! I could seriously eat it everyday!
Rainbow Cone Chicago
6/10: BuzzFeed. My BuzzFeed dashboard hit ONE MILLION VIEWS! When I started writing BuzzFeed posts it was just for fun but now it’s opened the door for so many wonderful opportunities! This is also the day my latest post ’11 Reasons Why Randy Marsh From ‘South Park’ is The Greatest Dad Ever’ went viral.
6/11: Miami Shopping. I’ve got a trip to Florida coming up next week (NEXT WEEK?!) so I’ve been on the lookout for some cute new outfits. I love anything floral, pink, bright, neon or pastel! Basically anything cute and girly. 

I can’t believe there are only TEN days left in this challenge (in real time there are only 5 days left since it will end on June 21!)

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