Always Remember to Treat Yo Self (every once in a while)

June 20, 2014

Pink fujifilm instax mini 8
This summer the good news has just been flowing in! It seems like every time I open my email, I get another piece of great news (hey, no complaints here!) Never in a million years did I think 13 months ago, when I started this blog, that things would pick up like they did. I could have never imagined that I’d be working with some of my favorite companies like ModCloth and LuLus, getting sponsorships from brands like M&M’s and Pottery Barn, getting job offers, networking with magazine editors or be asked to fly to Miami to cover a music festival all because of my blog. I didn’t always get the support I wanted from those around me (with the exception of my family of course) but I quickly learned that you have to be your own cheerleader! So as a gift to me, in celebration of all my hard work and accomplishments, I decided to follow the words of Donna (aka Retta) from Parks and Recreation, and treat myself to something I’ve been wanting for a while: A pink fujifilm instax mini 8! 

Pink fujifilm instax mini 8
Pink fujifilm instax mini 8
I am seriously in LOVE with this camera! As you guys might remember from my summer must have post last week, I’ve been eyeing this camera for quite some time now. Although the yellow and blue colors are super cute, the pink one always caught my eye! I really like the shade of pink. It’s almost like a bubblegum color. fujifilm instax mini filmfujifilm instax mini film
Along with the regular film, I got this cool ‘comic’ themed pack! Every photo comes out with a comic book border, how cute is that?! I can’t wait to to see how the photos come out using this pack. I actually prefer the themed packs over the plain white border ones. I’ve ordered the rainbow, dalmatian and the candy packs!Young & Free Makeup Bag
I also treated myself to these cute travel essentials for my trip to Florida next week. The brush and makeup bag both say “Young & Free” and the compact mirror says “hopeless romantic.” All three of these items came from Forever 21 and were super reasonably priced. Both the brush and the mirror were $3.80 and the makeup bag was $5.80. 

I think it’s necessary to treat yourself, at least every once in a while. I work very hard and even if no one else notices, I notice, and honestly that’s all that matters. I only graduated college a month ago and yet I already feel like my life is failing into place exactly how I always imagined. I can’t wait to use my new instax mini when I’m in Florida next week!