Blind Box & Bag Roundup 06.[Funko Adventure Time Tins]

June 2, 2014

Funko Adventure Time mystery mini
Today’s Blind Box & Bag Roundup features the brand new Funko Adventure Time mystery mini tins! What I really love about this Funko Mystery Minis line is the fact that they come in an adorable tins. The tins come in eight different characters: Finn, Jake, BMO, Ice King, Marceline, Fionna, Gunter, and Lumpy Space Princess. Just because the tin is a certain character doesn’t mean that the figure inside matches the tin. The distribution is still random. 

I choose a Fionna and BMO tin because they were the cutest (plus BMO is so awesome!) This series comes with the possibility of 12 figures, including several different versions of Finn and Jake. There is a 1:12 chance of getting each figure. I really hope to get BMO, Gunter, Fionna, Cake or the Ice King! If i’m being honest, I really don’t care because ALL 12 look super adorable! Let’s see who I get!
Funko Adventure Time mystery mini
From my Fionna tin I got a Gunter figure (he’s so cute!) and from the BMO tin I got Lumpy Space Princess. These figures are so adorable! My only complaint is that they are very fragile. About 10 minutes after I opened them Lumpy Space Princess lost her arm. But it was nothing a little glue couldn’t fix!
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