How to Showcase Personalized MY M&M’S Wedding Favors

June 5, 2014

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Millennial Central for MY M&M’S. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.”

Personalized MY M&M'S® Wedding Favors
Now your wedding favors can be as personal and beautiful as your wedding – with MY M&M’S® personalized chocolate candies. Choose from 25 colors, write a message, upload a photo and make your wedding reception, bridal shower or bachelorette bash one to remember forever!
It’s June! Which means there’s only two more months until Amy and David’s wedding! Remember those ADORABLE personalized M&M’s I got for them (which they loved by the way)? Well now it’s time to start thinking about how I can help incorporate them into the wedding. At first Amy & I thought we could just add the M&M’s to the candy bar but then we came up with a better idea! I, as their official “MY M&M’S® Party Favor Coordinator”, decided that these awesome treats should be given out to guests at their ‘we’re getting married in one month’ party this July.

When selecting the perfect gift to give wedding guests, one of the biggest challenges can be deciding on how to present it. So far Amy & I (as you can see David’s taken a backseat on most of the wedding plans) have come up with two different ways to present these favors:
The great thing about the popcorn boxes is that the box and ribbon colors can easily be changed to fit the wedding color theme. There could be blue boxes with green ribbon or the classic white box/white ribbon option like shown above. Another option could be keeping the M&M’S in the adorable wedding bags they came in:

Personalized MY M&M'S® Wedding Favors

Regardless of how they decide to present them, one thing is clear: they taste AMAZING! Amy and I eat a couple bags just to “taste test them” and they were so good. It didn’t help that M&M’S are one of our favorite candies.