This Place 09.

September 19, 2014

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It’s been FOREVER (three months to be exact) since I’ve posted a ‘This Place’ post but don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned this series. In fact, I’ve decided to revamp this series completely. Starting with the next ‘This Place’ (which will be ‘This Place 10’), each post will focus on an actual PLACE (instead of just inspirational home decor photos!) I’ll be highlighting everything from local Chicago shops, museums, cites I visit, restaurants, anything goes (if there’s something in particular you’d like to see highlighted, make sure to comment down below!) 

These last few weeks I’ve been feeling extra inspired by Pinterest home decor boards because I’m gearing up to move into my FIRST APARTMENT! I’m shooting for a December 1st move in (I would move out sooner but I have a few trips planned this fall and I don’t want to move into my place and then leave for a trip!) I’ve been looking at apartments NON-STOP for the last month and I’ve FINALLY narrowed it down to the neighborhood I want to move too. It’s crazy, I never knew how much work went into moving out! You have to go apartment hunting, go to apartment viewings (which I love), you have to start thinking about furniture and how you’re going to decorate things! It can get exhausting (and I haven’t even moved yet!) 
I really LOVE these four spaces pictured above!  I can’t wait until I have my little record corner like in the first picture! How adorable is that half blue and green door? What a clever little idea (I think I might have to do something like that for my actual home when I get older!) I’m just SO EXCITED to be moving out! Now every time I go anywhere, I find myself buying little knick knacks and trinkets for my future place! Moving countdown: THREE MONTHS!!!