Halloween Traditions + Custom eShakti Costume

October 28, 2014

My family (me especially) LOVES holiday’s! Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, we love them all! Maybe it’s the decorations, themed TV/film specials, getting gifts or foods, but holiday’s have always been a big deal in my family! Since I graduated college in May, this will be the first Halloween I’ve spent in Chicago in almost four years! I’m excited because over the last two years, a lot of new families with young children have moved to our neighborhood. That means we’ll have lots of trick or treaters! I have the ‘early shift’ and I can’t wait to see all the cute costumes! After my shift, I’ll be spending my Halloween at several spooky establishments! Here’s a few of my favorite Halloween traditions:

 DIY Treats:

I love easy DIY treats (especially holiday themed ones!) If you want to make these adorable cookie pops, the only thing you’ll need is cookies (I used Oreo’s), candy melts, sticks and little candies for the mouth and eye pieces! After melting the candy melt’s for 30 seconds, simply dip the cookies, place them on the stick and refrigerate for 25 minutes.  
TV Specials:
I love having marathons of my favorite Halloween themed TV episodes and specials! I look forward to The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown every year! I have a few of The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror DVD’s but this year FXX took it to another level! Starting Sunday, they’ve been airing mini Treehouse of Horror marathon’s! That’s ALL 24 Simpsons Halloween episodes in three days (my DVR is packed!) Another Halloween tradition is having a Twilight Zone marathon with my sister! We LOVE The Twilight Zone so much!
I’m not a huge fan of horror films but I do have a few Halloween favorites! Hocus Pocus is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Halloween movie (isn’t it every 90’s kid) and Shawn of the Dead is my favorite ‘horror’ (if it can even be considered horror) film! For the first time ever, I’m going to a late night Rocky Horror screening (costumes and all!) I can’t wait because I love The Rocky Horror Picture Show
This year, I partnered with eShakti to create a unique & custom Halloween costume. eShakti is an amazing clothing site where you can completely customize your outfit! That’s right completely CUSTOMIZE! You have the option to customize the size, length, fit, even the sleeve style. They offer sizes 0-36 and if that wasn’t enough for you, you can enter your measurements for a completely custom fit (how AMAZING is that!)
I LOVE Frozen (and Disney in general) and as SOON as I saw the film last November I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate it into my Halloween costume! This year I’ll be dressing up as Princess Anna (everyone loves Elsa but where’s the Anna love?) I’ll even be carrying around my Olaf Funko Pop figurine!
What are some of your Halloween traditions? What do you plan on dressing up as this Halloween?