The LG OLED TV: The New Revolution of TV

October 25, 2014

*Special thanks to LG for sponsoring today’s discussion*
 If you know me or if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE television. I don’t just love it, I LIVE for it! A big part of me wanting to pursue a career in writing is due to television. As a kid I watched characters like Carrie Bradshaw and Rory Gilmore succeed in the likes of writing/journalism and it inspired me to follow my own dreams. Whenever I’m stressed about making a deadline (or about life in general), TV is always there to get me out of that funk. 

It’s always hard for me to choose just one TV show to watch, especially when I’m in the mood for a marathon. So I created a little ‘question corner’ to help make the process easier. Every time I can’t think of a show to watch, I roundup a few DVD’s for the question corner. I ask myself things like “am I in the mood for something funny” or “I am looking for something heartfelt” to help narrow down what I should watch. This weekend, my choices were either Friends, Downton Abbey, Parks and Rec, Sex and the City, Lost, 30 RockParenthood or Gilmore Girls. I’ve been in the mood for a comedy lately (I guess that knocks out Lost, Downton Abbey and Parenthood) but I don’t want to have to work for the laughs (goodbye Gilmore Girls.) I’ve been preferring a laugh out loud comedy as opposed to one with ‘punny’ humor (goodbye Sex and the City.) Even though I LOVE Friends (it’s my all-time favorite show) and 30 Rock, I’ve been in the mood for a mockumentary style of show!
Parks and Recreation was the clear winner! It’s the perfect blend of funny and charm! Not only do I look for quality in the shows I watch but I also make sure the TV I watch them on delivers the best quality as well. That’s why I’m loving the new OLED TV from LG! I was recently invited to an exclusive LG OLED TV product demonstration at the W Hotel in Chicago and got to see and learn about the wonders of this revolutionary TV in person! OLED TV is a major breakthrough in display technology that offers stunning picture quality, colors that are more accurate than ever before, and more vibrant images that really pop. For those seeking the highest level of contrast and color performance (which let’s face it, all of us are), whether it’s for watching Parks and Recreation or your favorite new show, no other TV can compete with the unprecedented contrast and stunning color of LG’s OLED TV. Simply put, the best thing in television viewing that the electronics industry has always been looking to find is finally here (and I’m so excited about it!) 
OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, which describes the material that creates the unique light source in these next-generation TVs. By eliminating the needs for a backlight, OLED offers an incomparable picture quality and design potential to conventional LCD TVs! If you don’t believe me, see all the beauty and wonder the OLED TV has to offer for yourself: 


Are you excited about the new LG OLED TV and these new advancements in television? What TV show is your favorite to have marathons of?

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