Must Have: November 2014

November 6, 2014

It’s November, which means it’s time for my Monthly Must Have list! I’ve noticed that my Must Have lists always seem to have some sort of similar color scheme (October‘s list was pink and September‘s was blue!) What’s crazy is that I NEVER do this on purpose! Halfway through making this list, I noticed that gray was a common color among the things I wanted. Maybe it’s just the super organized and color coordinated part of personality taking over? Here’s my must have’s for November:
1. Grey Simpsons Sweatshirt. I’m a HUGE Simpsons fan so I was thrilled when Forever 21 announced their new Simpsons collaboration! I got a Bart Simpsons tank top from F21 last year and it slowly become my GO TO summer top. I can’t wait to pick up this entire collection (I really love the “Don’t have a Cow Man” shirt and Springfield residents Graphic Tee) when I go shopping this weekend! 

2. iPhone 6. I’m in desperate need of a new phone! Although I’ve had my 5s for less than a year (it was an early Christmas gift last year) it’s been acting up lately. It keeps randomly freezing all the time and it’s getting annoying. I’m excited because my local AT&T has been telling me for weeks now that they’re finally getting a new shipment of iPhone 6’s next week!

3. Raccoon Hat. How cute is this hat?! Last November I bought an adorable Panda hat from UO and it served me well last winter (it was cute and comfy!) This year I want to continue my tradition of cute animal winter hats with this adorable raccoon one.

4. Fifi Lapin Charm. I love, love, LOVE Fifi Lapin. I have a collection of Fifi Lapin prints, postcards, clothing and even her book! Two years ago I got my first Fifi Lapin charm and I’d love to add another one to my collection!

5. Rifle Paper Co. Thank You Cards. I’ve been making so many great connections with professionals and businesses lately that it’s time to start sending out Thank You cards! These adorable Rifle Paper Co. cards are perfect for the job.

6. Minnetonka Thunderbird II Moccasins. I love my two beige Minnetonka Moccasins but I’ve been wanted a grey pair for a while now!
What’s on your must have list this month?

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