Disney During the Holidays: Epcot

February 6, 2015

Disney World During the holidays EpcotHappy Friday everyone! I can’t believe I actually did it; I blogged EVERYDAY (Monday-Friday) this week! I’m so proud of myself. I think I might start doing this more often. I’m so excited to share with you all part two of my Disney During the Holidays series. Today’s post is all about the one and only Epcot! I absolutely LOVE Epcot and I’m so happy I got to spend Christmas Day there last year (it’s so weird saying ‘last year,’, it was less than two months ago!) I apologize in advance for the photo overload, I took a CRAZY amount of photos at the World Showcase! Disney World Epcot Christmas treeDisney World Epcot Christmas Tree
Epcot’s tree was absolutely gorgeous! The tree toper was of a beautiful angel holding a sculpture of the Earth and the ornaments were different countries flags and “Happy Holidays” written in different languages! Epcot Journey into Imagination with Figment
I have been OBSESSED with Figment (the dragon) since I was a kid, so I’ve always loved the Journey into the Imagination ride! Figment is such a fun character and I’ve always loved the message of the ride. It’s so important to understand the power of one’s imagination! I REALLY wanted to buy a Figment hoodie but it was a little pricey so I’ve made it my mission to buy that hoodie when I visit Disney World again in June.
Disney World SoarinWhile Epcot doesn’t have many rides, the rides they do have are AMAZING! Soarin’ is definitely my favorite, followed by Test Track and Mission Space! Soarin’ is the ONLY ride (in Epcot) I’m willing to stand 2 hours in line for (but luckily they have Fast Passes for it!)The Seas with Nemo and Friends EpcotEpcot The Seas with Nemo and Friends
During my visit to Epcot in December, I got to ride the Sea with Nemo and Friends for the first time (since it wasn’t open during my last visit.) It was cute and all but not really worth the hype. I wish it was an actually dark ride like Peter Pan or Winnie the Pooh rides with animatronics of Nemo and the gang!Epcot Holiday Passport 2014
I LOVED spending Christmas day at Epcot’s World Showcase. I literally got to spend Christmas in Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the US, Canada, Norway, Japan, China, Morocco, Germany AND France! It was so much fun visiting each of the 11 countries and filling up my Epcot holiday passport with the different stamps! Here are some of my favorite photos from the World Showcase:Epcot World Showcase CanadaEpcot CanadaEpcot World Showcase CanadaThe Mill Stage Epcot Canada
O Canada! My favorite thing about Canada is all the friendly people, the fun performances and the all the yummy maple syrup you can handle!Epcot The United KingdomUnited Kingdom EpcotUnited Kingdom Epcot teapot
My mom lived in London for a few years (it’s also where my sister was born) so we always stock up on cute little British knickknacks whenever we visit the United Kingdom at Epcot! How adorable is that little teapot sculpture?!
Les Chefs France Epcot World Showcase
Epcot Paris World Showcase
France is probably my favorite of the 11 World Showcase countries to visit! I love the shops, the restaurants, the mini Eiffel tower, the crepes (you HAVE to try their ice cream crepes), I just love everything about France!
Epcot World Showcase
Epcot World Showcase
Epcot World Showcase
Morocco is so BEAUTIFUL! I love all the little shops and clothing boutiques in Morocco (I seriously wanted to buy everything!) 
Epcot World Showcase China
Epcot World Showcase Japan
Japan and China were the last countries I visited during the day so unfortunately my night photos of Germany, Italy, Mexico, the US and Norway came out really dark (does anyone have tips for taking good photos at night?) Japan has the BEST gift shops (in my opinion) of any World Showcase country! It took everything in my power not to buy any Hayao Miyazaki movie merchandise!
Epcot World Showcase Italy
This photo of Italy was the only night photo I took that came out somewhat decent! Seriously, if anyone has ANY tips about taking good night/dark photos, I’d appreciate them (I use a Canon Rebel T3i!) I adore Epcot so much! Visiting during the holidays (and spending Christmas Day there) was so amazing! I literally got to spend my Christmas traveling the globe!
What’s your favorite country to visit at Epcot’s World Showcase? 
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