Disney During the Holidays: Magic Kingdom

February 13, 2015

Disney During the Holidays Magic Kingdom
Happy Friday Everyone! There’s a lot to celebrate today. For one thing, it’s Galentine’s Day (hooray) and secondly, this is my SECOND week of daily (Monday-Friday) blogging (double hooray!) Today’s post marks the fourth and final installment of Disney During the Holidays. I’ve had so much fun going back and looking at all these photos. It’s been a blast reliving my last visit to Disney World. I LOVE Disney so much and I’m counting down until my next trip to Disneyland (3 months) and Disney World (5 months!) Of course I saved Magic Kingdom for last, not because it’s the ‘best’ park but because it’s the staple park people think about when they think of Disney World! Here are some of my favorite photos of Magic Kingdom during the holidays:

Disney World Magic Kingdom Its a small world
The first time my mom ever experienced Disney was when she was 18 years old and had just joined the Navy. She was stationed in San Diego and her friend (who was a HUGE Disney fan) convinced her to come with him on a weekend trip to Disneyland. She said as soon as she walked in the park she immediately fall in love and vowed that her future kids (aka my sister and I) would get to experience Disney as much as possible. The first ride she ever rode was It’s a Small World and to this day it’s still one of her favorite ride! It doesn’t matter if we’re visiting Disney World or Disneyland, it’s a staple ride that holds so many amazing memories. I know a lot of people think this ride is ‘boring’ but it means the world to my family!
Disney World Magic Kingdom Alice in Wonderland
Disney World Magic Kingdom Cheshire CafeAlthough Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland is a close second! I hate that Disney World doesn’t have the Alice in Wonderland ride (I can’t wait to ride it at Disneyland this May) but at least it has the teacups and the Cheshire Cafe!Disney World Magic Kingdom Christmas CastleDisney World Magic Kingdom Christmas Window DisplayDisney World Magic Kingdom During Christmas ballons
Disney World Magic Kingdom Christmas TreeMain Street, U.S.A. is seriously BREATHTAKING during the holidays. Literally every inch of the park is wrapped in wreaths, ornaments, candy canes, Mickey’s dressed as Santa and every other Christmas decoration you could think of! Disney World Magic Kingdom ArielDisney World Magic Kingdom Enchanted Tales with BelleDisney World Magic Kingdom Gastons Tavern
Disney-World rapunzel's towerNew Fantasyland is absolutely amazing! The Enchanted Forest is so beautiful. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie so it was amazing getting to go to Gaston’s Tavern and see the Beast’s castle (via the Be Our Guest restaurant.) I also LOVED the addition of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (it’s such a fun ride!) How beautiful is Rapunzel’s tower?! Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Christmas--1024x682
Probably the best thing about visiting Magic Kingdom during the holidays is getting to see Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade (I literally saw it four times while at Disney last December!) Since I went to Magic Kingdom on multiple days during my trip, I was able to figure out the best spot to get pictures during the parade! Here are a few of my favorite shots:Disney World Magic Kingdom Christmas ParadeDisney World Magic Kingdom Christmas Chip and DaleDisney World Magic Kingdom Christmas Alice in WonderlandDisney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Christmas-Peter-Pan-Wendy-1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Christmas_Parade--1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Parade-Woody_Toy-Story-1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Mickeys-Christmas-Parade-Goofy--1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Seven-Dwarfs--1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Wreck-It-Ralph--1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Elsa-and-Anna-1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Christmas-Parade-Princess-1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Christmas-Parade-Princesses--1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Christmas-Santa--1024x682Disney-World-Magic-Kingdom-Christmas_Mickeys-Very-Merry-Christmas-1024x682
Disney World (Disney in general) is just so magical! I think my favorite thing about Disney is that it brings out the kid in everyone. I’m 22 years old and when I’m at Disney, I’m just as excited about seeing the characters, watching the fireworks and riding rides as much as the kids in the park are! I can’t wait to spend next Christmas at Disney World!

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