Monday’s Music 12 [00’s Edition]

February 23, 2015

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I’m continuing my decades playlists’ with songs from the 2000s! For this list, I’ll only be including songs released from 2000-2009 and will not be including any songs that have been previously included in a Monday’s Music playlist (even if they are one of my favorite songs from this decade!) Like always, it was super hard to narrow this list down to nine songs! With that being said, here are my favorite songs from the ’00s:
Best Songs from the 2000's
Two Birds – Regina Spektor // These Words – Natasha Bedingfield // White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes // Wake Up – Arcade Fire // Sideways – Let’s Go Sailing // Chicago – Sufjan Stevens // Life in Technicolor ii – Coldplay // All Falls Down – Kanye West // Sleep – Azure Ray

Let me start out by saying I originally had Beyonce’s Crazy in Love and Outkast’s Hey Ya! on this list but I had to delete them so I could narrow it down to nine songs! Since there are so many great songs out there, I’m thinking of making a part two (and three and so on) to my decades playlists once I finish them because you can never have to many amazing playlists! I’ve decided that from this post on, all Monday’s Music playlists will include fun/personal facts about each song! Here’s a few fun facts about these nine songs:

• Two Birds: I’m half Russian (and half Black) so one day in 2004 I googled “famous Russian singers” and found Regina Spektor. I immediately feel in love as soon as I heard her song Us (although Two Birds is definitely one of my favorite songs of hers!)

These Words: In 2004 I bought the “Unwritten” album in the Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney and played it nonstop for the whole two week trip! These Words (and the entire ‘Unwritten’ album) will forever remind me of Disney World, which is A-okay in my book!
• White Winter Hymnal. This was the first Fleet Foxes song I ever heard and I’ve been hooked since!
• Wake Up. This is one of my all-time FAVORITE songs! I listen to it at least once a day (I was so happy when it was used in the Where the Wild Things Are trailers!)
• Sideways. I listened to this song EVERYDAY from sophomore year to senior year on my commute home from High School (EVERYDAY!)
• Chicago. I’m from Chicago, ergo this song ROCKS!
• Life in Technicolor ii. Coldplay is my favorite band and this is my second favorite Coldplay song!
• All Falls Down. A teacher at my school (who claims he used to know Kanye but who knows if that’s true,) used to play this song all the time in 6th grade and I loved it! Chitown stand up!
• Sleep. This song just makes me happy for some odd reason!
What are some of your favorite songs from the 2000s?
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