12 Months of Happiness: April 2015

April 30, 2015

12 Months of happinessNot only can I not believe that April is already over, I can’t believe that this is the FOURTH installment of my 12 Months of Happiness series. I’m so PROUD of this little series of mine and I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing support and positive comments you’ve given me in regards to this series! I’m so happy that this series has inspired so many people to share all the things that have made them happy each month! I absolutely LOVE going through and reading all of your comments each month about the different things that have made you happy. In fact, reading what makes you all happy, makes ME happy! It’s so important to stop and appreciate all the little happy moments in your life. Remember, happiness is a choice, so why not choose it? Don’t forget to comment down below how your April went and what things made you smile this month. Here are some of the things that made me happy in April:
12 Months of Happiness Easter
April started off with lots of (Easter) joy! This year my family decided to have a little Peep tasting party (with 11 different Peep flavors!) Mind you, we are NOT Peeps fans but it was such a blast getting to taste all the new flavors (my favorite was a tie between blue raspberry and lemon!) My family (mostly me) is really into holidays (we love spoiling each other from time to time) so it was fun picking out different gifts for my mom and sister. I was so happy because the ‘Easter bunny’ left me lots of Disney goodies and chocolate treats!
12 Months of Happiness April 2015
April was a GREAT month for snail mail! I got several packages in the mail from friends (old and new) since my birthday was this month! Some of my favorite parcels included: three gorgeous jewelry pieces from Rocksbox, a Pixar Postcard Collection book, new Disney pins (for my collection) and a Kenneth Cole Smart Watch (I’m not much of a watch person but I really like this one!)
12 Months of Happiness
So many GREAT television shows returned this April! Mad Men (I still can’t believe it’s going to be over soon,) Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley AND Orphan Black! To top it off, this month we got the confirmation that ‘Fuller House’ (the Full House spin-off) is a go! Fun fact: Full House is one of my FAVORITE shows! I own the entire series on DVD and I basically have the entire series memorized!
12 Months of Happiness April
April is my FAVORITE month because it’s my BIRTHDAY month! This birthday was probably one of the BEST birthday’s I’ve ever had! As a gift to myself, I decided to retire my MacBook Pro of 5 years and get a MacBook Air AND an iMac (I LOVE having two computers. I use one for work and the other for personal use!) I spent my birthday (April 17th) seeing my favorite Broadway show (The Book of Mormon) for the FOURTH time (what can I say, I LOVE it!) It’s only been about two weeks but I LOVE being 23!
12 Months of Happiness Project
Nothing brightens my day more than when brands & companies (or celebs) interact with me via social media! Social media is a GREAT source for exposure and I URGE not just bloggers but EVERYONE, to use it wisely (i.e. not as a personal diary as to why you hate this or that!) You never know what will go viral or what opportunities await you! This month on Twitter, Lauren Conrad favorited my tweet about her new Minnie Mouse inspired collection, Pitch Perfect favorited my tweet about the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2 screening (stay tuned for a full film review next week,) Shake Shack retweeted my ‘dinner at Shake Shack’ tweet/photo, I had a little convo with Whole Foods and Broadway In Chicago wished me a happy birthday (how sweet are they!) On Instagram, Five Below, Gorjana, Hallmark and Broadway In Chicago (I seriously love them) liked my photos! All that interaction not only exposed me to so many new social media followers and readers, but I’ve made a few new connections as well!
I still can’t believe tomorrow is MAY (man, 2015 is FLYING by!) What made you happy this April?
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