Monday’s Music 16 [Summer Edition]

June 29, 2015

Happy Monday everyone! This week’s ‘Monday’s Music‘ is dedicated to Summer songs but not just “regular” Summer songs, songs that remind me of summertime (if that makes sense!) This might shock a lot of people but Summer is actually my least favorite season. Fall has that gorgeous weather and beautifully colored leaves. Winter has Christmas, holiday magic, lots of pretty decorations and snuggling in front of the fireplace. Spring is my birthday season so it’s obviously the best but Summer…Summer is just I don’t know. Sure I LOVE Summer. I love barbecues and beach bonfires. I love the music festivals and countless late nights spent with friends and family but to me, Summer doesn’t compare to the other three seasons. It’s to hot in the Summer but nevertheless, here are the nine songs that ALWAYS remind me of Summer:
Best Summer Songs Playlist
Summertime – Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff / Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke // Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey // I Want You Back – Jackson 5 // Island in the Sun – Weezer // In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry // Dancing In The Street – Martha & The Vandellas // California Girls – Beach Boys // Talk – Coldplay

Now time for a few fun facts:
• Summertime. This song played at basically EVERY barbecue I went to as a kid! I can’t hear this song without thinking of BBQ hotdogs and potato chips.
• Island in the Sun. I’m so EXCITED because I’m seeing Weezer for FREE next week at the Taste of Chicago (man I LOVE my city!)
• In the Summertime. This was one of my favorite songs as a kid! When school would let out for the Summer, I would sing this song as I left the schoolyard. Ironically, I forgot about this song (and those memories) until I saw Wedding Crashers in 2005 (which featured this song) and all those happy memories came rushing back! Isn’t it crazy how films (and TV) can jog our memories like that?
• California Girls. I LOVE (no seriously, love) the Beach Boys! They were in Chicago last weekend and I’m so bummed I missed them (I want to see them live so bad!)
Talk. This might seem like an odd choice for “Summer songs” but during my family’s annual Summer Disney trips we would aways listen to Coldplay. I vividly remember going to the Virgin record store in Downtown Disney and buying X&Y as soon as it came out. To this day whenever I listen to this album (which happens to also be my favorite Coldplay album,) this song in particular, all I can think about is Disney World (and lots of great family memories!)
What’s your favorite Summer song/which song always reminds you of Summer? 
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