Blind Box & Bag Roundup 19. [Sonny Angel Edition]

July 28, 2015

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup. Today’s BB&BR is dedicated to the adorable Sonny Angel figures. For years I’ve seen these little figures popping up left and right on Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and toy collector forums. I remember seeing the Ladurée Pâtisseries Collection a while back and thinking they were just the cutest little things! So during one of my weekly trips to Rotofugi, I decided to FINALLY pick up a few boxes (I couldn’t resist them any longer!) I decided to get one Sonny Angel from the Ladurée Pâtisseries Collection, Valentine’s Day Series 2015 and Vegetable Series.

Sonny Angel Ladurée Pâtisserie Series
Since this was my first time opening Sonny Angel figures, I didn’t have to worry about getting doubles/a figure I already had (because I didn’t have any!) They’re all equally adorable so I honestly didn’t care which figures I got. Although, if I had to pick, I really wanted the Carrot from the Vegetable Series, Milk Chocolate from the Valentine’s Day series and Macaron Menthe Glaciale from the Ladurée Pâtisseries Collection.Sonny-Angel-Series-
From left to right, I got the Milk Chocolate figure from the Valentine’s Day (Chocolate) Series 2015, the Piment figure from the Vegetable Series and the Tarte Passion Framboise figure from the Ladurée Pâtisserie Collection. They are even CUTER in person! I originally only got one from each series because I didn’t know if I’d like them (since I’d only seen them in photos, not in person) but I’m happy to report that I’m in LOVE with Sonny Angel figures! I recently started a little kawaii collection corner in my room and these little babies will fit right in.

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