Scott Listfield ‘Astronaut’ Exhibit at Rotofugi Gallery

July 6, 2015

Scott Listfield Invasion
Rotofugi Designer Toy Store & Gallery is easily one of my favorite places here in Chicago (in fact, I visit weekly!) Although I’ve blogged about Rotofugi in the past, I’ve realized that I’ve never actually talked about (or shown) the art gallery side of it! Basically, Rotofugi is a (designer) toy store and an art gallery rolled into one (which is why it’s my FAVORITE place because it mixes two of my loves: toy collecting & art!) Each month (or so), the gallery gets a new exhibit (usually with a visit from the actual artist on opening day!) Rotofugi Gallery’s newest exhibit: Astronaut by Scott Listfield might be one of my favorites so far! Here are a few of my favorite paintings:
Astronaut Scott Listfield Exhibit
Scott Listfield Alien Delivery Truck
Scott Listfield Crystal City
Scott Listfield Art Exhibit
Scott Listfield Shipping Container
Scott Listfield The Path
Scott Listfield Rabbit Warren
Scott Listfield Snow Elephant
Scott Listfield The Balloon
Scott Listfield Bean
From top to bottom: Alien Delivery Truck, Crystal City, Shipping Container, The Path, My God It’s Full of Stars, Rabbit Warren, Snow Elephant, The Balloon, The Crap Store and Bean.Like with all Rotofugi art exhibits, all 21 (shown above are my favorite 11) of these paintings are on sale/can be purchased. Scott Listfield’s Astronaut pantings range from $900 -2500 and of the 21 pieces in the exhibit, only 9 are still available (which is awesome! I think my favorite is definitely the Bean (since it instantly reminds me of Chicago) and the Crap Store!Which Astronaut Painting is your favorite?