Beach Day + Lenovo™ 500 Bluetooth® Speaker GIVEAWAY

August 11, 2015

Although summer isn’t technically over until late September, with back to school underway (thank goodness that part of my life is over) and fall clothing starting to hit stores (oddly enough, I’ve seen some stores already gearing up for Halloween), it seems like my “carefree summer days” are coming to an end. Since I graduated college over a year ago (shoutout to the class of 2014), summers aren’t exactly like they were when I was a kid. When I was in school, summer was basically a two and a half month ‘responsibility break.’ I didn’t have to worry about things like homework, studying or tests. Even when I had a summer job and internships, there was still a careful feeling to summer. Since I’m no longer in school and am working full time, summers are more or less like every other season but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy all the fun things associated with it!  For me, summer is all about BBQ’s, hanging out with friends, music festivals, traveling (I’m so excited to be heading to DC THIS WEEK and Disney World next week) and of course, spending countless hours at the beach! 

Since I’m downtown 90% of the time (for work, freelance projects and other various reasons) and Lake Michigan is adjacent to downtown, random beach days have sort of become a weekly summer tradition (that’s one of my favorite things about living in Chicago, you’re never to far from a beach!)
I LOVE the beach (I’m convinced I was a dolphin in a past life!) I love feeling the sand between my toes, building sandcastles, playing beach volleyball and of course, SWIMMING! Whenever I make a trip to the beach (regardless if it’s a random or planned visit), I always make sure to bring along my Lenovo™ 500 Bluetooth® Speaker. If you’re a long time Simply Sinova reader, you already know how much music means to me! Music (much like writing) pretty much allows me to express myself without ever having to say a word (which is perfect for an introvert like me!)

The Lenovo™ 500 Bluetooth® Speaker is highly portable (which is HUGE for me since I often work on the go) and its sleek design blends in with any surrounding (silver truly goes with everything!) Although being portable is a huge plus in my book, my favorite thing about this all-in-one speaker is that it goes from Bluetooth music speaker to speakerphone for making calls (how awesome is that?)
You can use the Lenovo™ 500 Bluetooth® Speaker to play all your favorite playlists or stream new apps all while achieving a rich, 270° sound experience.  Seriously, there’s nothing better than random dance parties on the beach! 
I’m excited to announce that Simply Sinova is teaming up with the amazing folks at Lenovo for an awesome GIVEAWAY! Enter below for a chance to win your very own Lenovo™ 500 Bluetooth® Speaker:

What’s your favorite beach activity? 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.