Monday’s Music 19 [1992 Edition]

August 10, 2015

Happy Monday! This past week was HECTIC! Since I’m traveling to DC this week (Thursday) and then to Disney World the following week, I had to make sure all my ducks were in a row for work since I essentially won’t be back home in Chicago until early September. I also had to make sure I had a few blog posts lined up over the next two weeks/while I’m traveling so there won’t be huge gaps between postings. Along with working and blogging, I’m also a freelance writer and since my deadlines fall on the Monday I’m still in DC and the Friday I’m at Disney World (and I want to enjoy my trips and not have to worry about working), I also spent a good chunk of the weekend catching up on articles. (I want to point out that I’m in no way complaining. I LOVE the fact that my job(s) allows me the flexibility to travel often, it’s just that this week was extremely stressful and if you can’t vent on your own blog, where can you vent?) On to this weeks Monday’s Music, which is dedicated to top songs from the year I was born: 1992! 
Monday's Music Best Songs from 1992Black Or White – Michael Jackson // I’ll Be There (feat. Trey Lorenz) – Mariah Carey // Real Love – Mary J. Blige // Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-a-Lot // Beauty and the Beast – Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson // Giving Him Something He Can Feel – En Vogue // End Of The Road – Boyz II Men // Save The Best For Last – Vanessa Williams // The One – Elton John

Just a quick note: some of these songs were released in late 1991 but since they achieved critical success in 1992, they were included. Also, I LOVE that so many soulful R&B songs dominated my birth year! Now time for a few fun facts:

• I’ll Be There. Back in the day (late nineties) I was a HUGE Mariah Carey fan! I used to say if I could have any signing voice in history, I’d pick hers.

• Real Love. Even though this song was released a few months after I was born, for some reason I vividly remember listening to this song all the time when I was four. 

• Baby Got Back. I CAN’T hear this song without thinking of the ninth season of Friends (aka my FAVORITE show) when Ross and Rachel tried to make Emma laugh by singing this song!
• Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast will FOREVER be my favorite movie of all time. It’s kind of fitting that this song reached critical successful during my birth year.

• Giving Him Something He Can Feel. I have an entire Pandora station based off of this song (and En Vogue.) In fact, it’s one of my favorite stations to listen to while I’m working!
What’s your favorite song from 1992?
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