Orange Chicken Love + Panda Express Food Truck Tour

August 21, 2015

*Special thanks to Panda Express for sponsoring today’s post. As always, all opinions are my own*
Panda Express #OrangeChickenLove
Panda Express is inviting you to experience their American Chinese cuisine in a whole new way:
FOOD TRUCKS! That’s right, you heard correctly, Panda Express is going on a food truck tour across the country to celebrate their super yummy (and my personal favorite) orange chicken. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a HUGE (no seriously, HUGE) Orange Chicken fan and Panda’s Orange Chicken is one of my favorites. Inspired by flavors and culinary style of the Hunan Province in South Central China, Panda’s Original Orange Chicken is prepared with crispy boneless chicken bites, and wokked tossed with Panda’s secret sweet and spicy orange sauce. Since I live and work within minutes of Panda Express, its sort of become my lunch break (or weekend afternoon) go-to snack (not to mention it’s super delicious!)

Panda Express Food Truck Tour

Although I like pretty much everything on the menu, Panda’s Orange Chicken is always my first choice (can you blame me, it’s so good!) 
Orange Chicken Love Panda Express
I LOVE going to Panda Express on my lunch break because it seems like around that time is when they refill all the food trays (you got to love fresh Orange Chicken!) My go-to lunch order is always a bowl of Orange Chicken with fried rice and a chicken egg roll (seriously, I could never get tired of that combination!)
Orange Chicken Love #OrangeChickenLove
Panda Express is inviting YOU to the ultimate Orange Chicken Love experience. Gather your friends and family and join Panda as the Orange Chicken Love Truck rolls into town. Enjoy some Orange Chicken, score one-of-a-kind swag and compete for the title of #1 Orange Chicken Fan in your city (I can’t wait for the Panda Express Food Truck to hit Chicago September 5th!) 
Are you an Orange Chicken fan? What’s your favorite thing to order at Panda Express?