5 Ways To Beat Boredom + $20 PayPal Cash GIVEAWAY

September 11, 2015

*Special thanks to Nestlé  for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*
It’s kind of weird because although I’m probably the most SPONTANEOUS person I know, I’m also one of those people who really thrive on having some sort of schedule (I guess I’m an oxymoron!) With fall approaching, I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things (and my schedule is starting to normalize again.) While it’s easy to get bored in your day-to-day routine, sometimes all you need is the crunch of something new! Whenever I feel like my routine is getting a little to predictable (which, let’s face it, gets boring fast), I try to mix things up a little. Sometimes I decide to take a different route to the mall. Or somedays I decide to take my lunch break a little later than usual. It’s those little things that spice life up and break us of those boring funks! Here are a few of my #LifeHacktoBoredom tips:

1. Have a Movie Marathon.
There was a crazy thunderstorm yesterday in Chicago (its actually been raining quite a lot lately) so I wasn’t able to explore the city much after work (like I usually do.) Obviously being copped up in the house for hours can get a little boring so I decided to execute one of my #LifeHackToBoredom tricks: random movie marathons! Nothing breaks my boredom faster than a Studio Ghibli marathon (Howl’s Moving Castle is my absolute favorite but they are all so AMAZING!) You can’t have a movie marathon without Nestlé® Buncha Crunch®!

2. Visit a Museum.
One of my FAVORITE things about living in Chicago is all of our amazing museums (like the Art Institute of Chicago aka TripAdvisor’s ‘Top Museum in the World!’) Every Thursday I visit the Art Institute (since it’s free that day to Illinois residents) and (almost) every Tuesday I visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (since it’s free to Illinois residents on Tuesday’s!) I’m so happy because for the next few weeks (excluding weekends) all of our museums are offering free admission to Illinois residents (I’m definitely going to be doing a lot of museum hoping this month!) Looks liked I won’t be bored anytime soon!

3. Volunteer! If you’re ever feeling bored and can’t figure out what to do, a great idea is to volunteer in your community (although you should always think about volunteering not just when you’re bored!) I love helping out animals shelters in my spare time!

4. Plan a Trip.
Whether you’re planning an actual trip or just fantasizing about your dream vacation, trip planning is a great way to overcome boredom (is it just me or is looking up hotels super fun?!) Traveling is my LIFE and I’m so excited for my upcoming trips! I’m heading to New York City next month for Comic Con and than TWO DAYS LATER I’m flying out to California/Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party (seriously, can October hurry up and get here!)

5. READ! Nothing cures a case of the boredom blues like a good book (side note: I’ve desperately been on the lookout for a new book/series to read! Read any good books lately? Suggestions?) 

What are your best #LifeHacktoBoredom tips? Enter below and one lucky winner will receive $20 PayPal cash courtesy of Nestlé®!