Budget-Friendly Fashion & Beauty Tips For College Students

September 3, 2015

*Special thanks to Target for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*

Budget-Friendly Fashion & Beauty Tips For College Students copy
College can definitely get a little pricey with books, dorm decor and tuition to worry about but that doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to suffer! Here are five budget-friendly fashion and beauty tips all college students should know:

1. Yoga Pants Are Your Friend.Target Yoga Panta
I’ll be the first to admit it, I LIVED in yoga pants my junior and senior years in college (which is funny because before college, I thought I’d never be caught dead wearing yoga pants if I wasn’t working out.) Yoga pants are perfect for a college student’s budget because of their versatility. With yoga pants, you can go from lounging at your dorm, to working out, to class or even to sleep (and they won’t burn a whole in your wallet!)

2. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Vaseline.
Did you know that Vaseline can act as a makeup remover? That’s right, you can remove stubborn eye makeup with just a dab of Vaseline. Just dab a little on your fingers and massage your eye area until all of the leftover makeup is gone and there you have it.
3. Buy Clothes On Off Seasons. The best time to buy big ticket clothing items, like coats, is during their off season. For example, since fall is quickly approaching, right now Target is having a HUGE sale on summer items like bathing suits, tank tops and shorts. Now would be the perfect time to start preparing your wardrobe for next summer (budgeting is all about planning ahead!)
4. Sharing Is Caring.
Beauty products to share with your roommates
A great (and easy) way to save a few bucks in college is by sharing with your roommate (or roommates.) While I don’t suggest sharing things like lipstick (better to be safe than sorry) or foundation (unless you’re the same shade), there are a few beauty products that can be shared amongst multiple people, like sunblock, nail polish and nail clippers!
5. Buy Versatile Pieces of Clothing.
Budget friendly ways to dress cute

It’s important to buy clothes that not only can transition from season to season, but that can also be worn in multiple ways. For example, one of my go-to outfits this summer has been my adorable blue Xhilaration® lace romper from Target! I love dressing it down with some cute sandals and a floral clutch (or purse.)Transiting Summer clothes into fall wear
I also love dressing it up with some fun nail polish, necklaces and my black wedges (can you believe these were on sale at Target for only $15?)

How do you stay stylish on a budget? Check out Target’s College Styler at MadeForU.Target.com to find you and your roommate’s ultimate college style.