Favorite Fashion Finds 48. (Ft. Charlotte Illidge)

September 9, 2015

Who? Charlotte Illidge of The Style Archive 

What She’s Wearing: ASOS Ray-Ban sunglasses, Ralph Lauren shirt, Whistles jumper, American Apparel jeans and Top Shop shoes.

Fashion Icon: “I don’t think it’s possible for me to pick one. I love the sophistication and minimalism you see from the Olsen twins. Their head to toe black outfits are always incredible but, they would be with a wardrobe like theirs! Alexa Chung has to be up there. I love the fact she’s so versatile! I watched an interview with her not long ago where she said Jane Birkin inspired her to dress like a boy and act like a girl; that is very much my ideal.”

What fashion means to her: “Fashion is self expression and versatility. It’s a way of showing how you feel or in some cases, hiding how you feel. I think what your wearing can really change the way people look at you when you walk down the street but, it also can change the way you look at yourself. If you love your outfit, you’re going to feel great. I think the fashion industry is incredible as a whole. There’s so much talent and so many different personal styles, it really is amazing.”

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