Favorite Fashion Finds 49. (Ft. Ellie Misne)

September 16, 2015

Who? Ellie Misne of Ellie Mikaela 

What She’s Wearing: Her mother’s vintage 80’s hand knitted jumper, Amazon knee high boots and Mac lipstick.

Fashion Icon: “I’d say my style icons are extremely varied, I love ‘The Blonde Salad’ but body shape wise we are totally different. I love the 80’s style, mainly how bold and sassy it is. Other style icons are Aleali May and the Slumflower, both bloggers.”

What fashion means to her: “Fashion is an expression of how you feel through what you wear, but also how you want to make people feel towards you. First impressions are everything and I like to be comfortable in whatever I wear but also feel fab. Blogging really made me realise how I use clothes to show my personality. But also creating my own personal style on a budget (I am a student after all!)”

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