Three Quick Snack Recipes For College Students

September 10, 2015

*Special thanks to Target for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*Quick and easy snack recipes for college students
Let’s face it, as a college student, you’re constantly pressed for time. Between classes, study groups and hanging out with friends, it can be hard to remember to sit back, settle down and relax. Even though I gradated college back in 2014, I still find myself constantly wishing there were more hours in the day. Somedays there just isn’t enough time to fit everything you want to do into your schedule but there’s one thing you should never have to miss out on: yummy foods! Back when I was college, whenever I was feeling stressed or if I had a few minutes between classes, I alway made sure to grab a snack (or two.) Even though I had a campus meal plan three out of my four years of college, sometimes you don’t want ‘campus food.’ Sometimes you want something special. Today I’m sharing three of my favorite simple snack recipes. Since all of these yummy treats take less than 10 minutes to prepare, they’re the perfect quick snack for college students on the go!

1. Candy PopcornPopcorn M&M marshmallow recipeSince most college dorms come equipped with microwaves, popcorn is definitely a go-to meal for many college students (I practically lived on popcorn during my freshman year.) What’s better than popcorn? Candy popcorn! In order to make this yummy treat, all you need is some popcorn, M&M’s (I like to mix Crispy and Peanut Butter but you can use whichever M&M’s flavor you’d like), and marshmallows (if you’re not a marshmallow fan, you can substitute this ingredient with white chocolate chips.)Popcorn Candy Recipe
I like to use about a cup of M&M’s and two handfuls of marshmallows!
How to make popcorn M&Ms
After your popcorn is popped, heat the marshmallows for 40 seconds, then stir and reheat for an additional 30 seconds. After your marshmallows (or white chocolate chips) are completely melted, pour the sticky substance onto your popcorn, mix it up and add the M&M’s.
Popcorn M&Ms candy recipeM&M Popcorn Recipe
I can’t think of a better roommate bonding activity than making a little candy popcorn and having a Friends or Parks and Recreation marathon (because roommates who laugh together…you get the point.)

2. Sweet SushiPeanut Butter Banana Sushi roll recipe
Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE sushi (seriously, I could eat it EVERYDAY!) Back when I was in college, one of my favorite things to do between classes was to make a quick dining hall run and grab a plate of sushi. Unfortunately, during my senior year it really started to eat into my meal plan money. Since graduating, I’ve come up with a quick and simple ‘sweet sushi’ recipe that won’t burn a hole in your wallet (seriously why is sushi so expensive?)Sweet Sushi Recipe
For this recipe you’ll need bread, a type of spread and a fruit. I usually like to make peanut butter (super chunk is the BEST) and banana sweet sushi roll ups but another yummy alternative is Nutella and strawberries! Peanut Butter Sushi Roll Up Recipe
Make sure to remove the bread crust and cut the bananas before you spread the peanut butter!Sushi Peanut Butter RecipePeanut Butter Sushi Roll Ups
After you’re done spreading your peanut butter, roll up the bread and cut it into thirds to get a sushi like appearance.Peanut Butter Banana Sushi
Bon Appétit!

3. Homemade ParfaitHomemade Parfait Recipe
The third and finale recipe happens to be one of my favorites: homemade parfaits! For this recipe all you’ll need is your favorite yogurt, some fresh fruit and some granola (if you haven’t already tried vanilla blueberry clusters, I HIGHLY recommend it!)Fresh Cut StrawberryParfait Ingredients
Once your fruit is cut, pour your entire yogurt cup (or two depending on the size of your cup) into a clear cup.
Homemade Parfait Recipes
Add your fruit and finally, bring on the granola! I personally like to use as much granola as possible (I usually fill the remainder of the cup with granola!)
Homemade Parfait Recipe copyParfait Recipes
What are some of your favorite quick snack recipes? Check out Target’s College Styler at to find you and your roommate’s ultimate college style.