Blind Box & Bag Roundup 20. [Peter Pan Vinylmations]

October 2, 2015

Happy Friday! I can’t believe its been almost three months (?!) since my last Blind Box and Bag Roundup post (man, time sure does fly by!) The funny thing is, it’s not like I haven’t been buying blind boxes recently. In fact, I have piles of new figures (including Aladdin Vinylamtions, Disney Villians Figural Keyrings and new LEGO minifigures) laying around my house. Usually, as soon as I buy new blind boxes (or blind bags), I take all of the photos for my BB&BR posts immediately so I can open them that day. The problem is, I always forget to upload them (my bad!) Since I’ll be traveling so much this month (I’m heading to New York City in four days and then immediately after, I’m heading to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party) and because I’m still in the process of switching from Blogger to WordPress (hopefully everything should be transferred over and up and running by next week), I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to post as frequently. Luckily, I have three BB&BR posts lined up and ready to go so there won’t be a huge gap between postings (hooray!) If you read my Summer 2015 Disney World Haul, you might recall that I picked a few Peter Pan Vinylmations during my Disney World trip.

This was one of those rare Vinylmation sets were I HONESTLY didn’t care which figures I got. Peter Pan is one of my favorite classic Disney films so I knew I’d be happy with whichever figures I got (but I did cross my fingers for no doubles!) 
I AM SO HAPPY! The first figure I opened was the chaser, Tiger Lily! I’ve seriously been on a Vinylmation chaser roll lately. If you remember, in BB&BR 18. I scored a Cinderella Vinylmation chaser (she’s still one of my favorite figures to date!) I also got John Darling (who comes with a removable hat and umbrella) and Peter Pan (I LOVE getting the ‘main character’ when I open Vinylmations!)
I think my favorite thing about collecting Vinylmations are the AMAZING paint jobs/details that go into each figure. Just look at Peter Pan and Tiger Lily’s ears?! So much detail on such a tiny figure. I love that Tinkerbell is depicted in Peter Pan’s ear (it’s like two for the price of one!)

Anyone fellow Vinylmation lovers/collectors out there? Which Peter Pan figure is your favorite?

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