Blind Box & Bag Roundup 21. (Disney Figural Keyrings)

October 16, 2015

Disney Figural Keyring Hot TopicHappy Friday! I am so EXCITED because I’m heading to DISNEYLAND today (well, tonight!) Since I’m heading to Disneyland I thought it would be fun to open up some Disney Figural Keyrings before my trip (as if I ever needed an excuse to open more blind boxes and blinds bags!) I decided to go with one Disney Villains Figural Keyring blind bag (since I’ll be attending Mickey’s Halloween Party next week and it’s not a Halloween party without a few villains) and one Series 4 Disney Figural Keyring blind bag. I’ve opened several Disney Figural Keyring blind bags on my Blind Box and Bag Roundup series before and I absolutely love them (though it is hard to dislike anything Disney related if I’m being honest.) While I don’t keep them on my keys (can you imagine how heavy/crowded that would be?), I do hang them up on display on a corkboard in our storage/extra room (it’s like a wall of Kawaii Disney goodness in there!) 
Disney Figural Keyring(Sorry for the glare.) I absolutely LOVE every keychain option in the villains set. I’ve said this a few times on the blog before but the villains are often my FAVORITE characters in Disney films. If I had to pick which villain figure I most wanted it would have to be a three way tie between Cruella, Ursula and Hook (although honestly they’re all so cool!) You would think that since Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie that I’d be hoping for the Chip and Lumière Series 4 figures the most but that’s not the case. I really want the Baymax figure (I mean come on. LOOK AT HIM!)
Disney Figural Keyring Nightmare Before ChristmasTalk about a coincidence, both figural keyrings turned out to be characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas (how appropriate, seeing as Halloween is right around the corner!) From the villain series I got the Exclusive A figure (yay), which turned out to be Lock, one of the three trick-or-treaters from Halloween Town. From Series 4 I got Oogie Boogie (I LOVE Oogie Boogie’s Song!) I can’t wait to add these two to my Disney Figural Keyring corkbaord.

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