New York Comic Con 2015

October 14, 2015

New York Comic Con 2015I just got back from New York City yesterday and boy am I exhausted (no seriously, I think I’m going to have to sleep for two days straight just to regain my strength.) While I was in NYC, I attended New York Comic Con (for the second year in a row) and let me tell you, New York Comic Con 2015 was CRAZY (and not in a good), especially compared to last year. The crowds were so crazy! In fact, it was so packed that you could barely walk around without feeling overwhelmed (I even found it hard to breath at times.)

Sure, last year was pretty crowded as well but this was a whole new level of chaos. I’m pretty sure the Javits Center reached capacity quite a few times during New York Comic Con last week. Nevertheless, I did have a great time at New York Comic Con (even though it was super packed and chaotic.) The fun panels, awesome cosplay, cool collectibles and amazing artists and artwork definitely outweighed the negative accepts of NYCC! Side note: This is my fourth day on WordPress and I am absolutely in LOVE! My traffic has tripled in the past weekend alone?!

I’m so happy I FINALLY took the plunge and switched from blogger!New York Comic Con Deadpool CosplayMarvel Comic Con CosplayBest New York Comic Con Cosplay
Beauty and the Beast Comic Con Cosplay

There was so much AMAZING cosplay at New York Comic Con this year (make sure to check out more awesome cosplay from New York Comic Con 2014) but my favorite was definitely a trio of friends dressed as Belle (aka my FAVORITE princess), Lumiere and Cinderella (Cogsworth was also with them at some point but I failed to get a picture!) 

New York Comic Con Artist Alley

I spent most of my time at New York Comic Con in Artist Alley, since I really didn’t get to explore it as much as I wanted to last year (since last year was my first time attending NYCC, I really focused on trying to see as many panels, cosplay and booths as possible!) I seriously LOVE Artist Alley. It was so great getting to meet so many amazing artists and hear them talk about pursuing their dreams and doing what they love.

Comic Con Artist Alley Prints
Jon Snow Kawaii Print

I’ve been on the lookout for some cute new prints for a gallery wall/Disney corner I’m creating in my room and I just knew NYCC wouldn’t disappoint. Although he’s not Disney related, I immediately feel in love with the Locoduck Studios booth in Artist Alley as soon as I turned the corner and saw that adorable Kawaii-ish Jon Snow print (look at Ghost, he’s so cute!)

Luckily, they had tons of cute Disney prints to choose from. Since I knew I was heading to Disneyland this week (aka THIS FRIDAY), I wanted to save my money for Disney souvenirs so I challenged myself to only spend $20 on NYCC merchandise (which is basically one item. Seriously, NYCC prices are SUPER inflated! They were selling $4.95 Tsum Tsum’s for $10 and non-exclusive $8.95 Funko’s for $15?!) 

NYCC Beauty and the beast

Luckily, Locoduck Studios prints were only $10 each (no tax), so I was able to get two! There were so many adorable ones to chose from (like one that featured all the Disney princesses and one with the cast of Once Upon A Time) but in the end, I went with two Beauty and the Beast prints (big shocker, since it’s my FAVORITE movie of all-time!)

NYCC 2015 Artist Alleymy neighbor totoro illustrationNew York Comic Con Once Upon A TimeLilo and Stitch Print
Beauty and the beast from X Men

There was so much amazing artwork in Artist Alley (how hilarious is that Beauty and the “Beast” from X-Men print?)

New York Comic Con 2015 Crowds
Thomas Middleditch and T.J. Miller New York Comic Con 2015

Three definite highlights of New York Comic Con 2015 were seeing two of the stars of HBO’s Silicon Valley, Thomas Middleditch and T.J. Miller (aka Richard Hendricks and  Erlich Bachman), as they were filming something (hilarious), meeting Grumpy Cat and attending the Once Upon A Time: Dark Swan Panel (OUAT RULES!)

New York Comic Con Kawaii Plush
Animal Crossing Tom Nook Plush

I spy Tom Nook (any fellow Animal Crossing lovers out there?!)

New York Comic Con Disney Plush
Figment Comic Book

I flipped when I saw this Figment comic. It’s like no matter where I go, I can’t escape Disney (which is NOT a bad thing, by the way!) I can’t WAIT for my trips to Disneyland this Friday and Disney World next month (and the month after that, and the month after that and so on until May 2016!)

digimon agumon plush

While I did love Pokemon as a kid, I LOVED LOVED Digimon (team Digimon for life!) It took EVERYTHING in me not to buy this adorable Agumon plushie (look how adorable he is?!) Unfortunately, by the time I spotted him, I had already hit my $20 NYCC limit (though I don’t regret getting my adorable Beauty and the Beast prints at all!) Also, like I said earlier, prices at NYCC are super inflated (I found similar plushies on Amazon for HALF for the price!)

See you next year Comic Con! Have you ever been to Comic Con (any version or city) or a big expo convection?