How To Make Your Seasonal Decor Transition Between Holidays

November 18, 2015

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Easy Ways To Make Your Holiday Decor Transitions Between Seasons
From deciding where to ring in the New Year to trying to come up with the perfect secret Santa gift, sometimes it’s easy for holidays to become a source of stress. For me, one of the most stressful parts of the holiday season is getting my house holiday ready. Since my house is where my family hosts our Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers, I always try my best to make things as festive as possible. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s fast approaching, it can be easy to get lost in the sea of endless celebrations. For someone like me, who’s constantly playing hostess, three holidays within weeks of each other means a lot of decorating (and a lot of money spent on things I’ll only get to use for a few weeks at a time!). Over the years, I’ve learned a few a tricks for making my holiday decor work for more than just its intended holiday (which, in turn, has helped save me so much money around the holidays!). Here are five simple ways to make your seasonal decor transition between holidays: 

1. Buy flexible decor. Less is more, right? With so many holidays approaching, it’s important to buy decor that can work on multiple levels (and for multiple holidays!).Target Wonderlist Holiday Items
Whenever I think of late fall/winter, one animal always comes to mind: deer! I love incorporating deer decor into my holiday setup because it can easily work for different occasions. Since we converted the basement into my studio apartment, whenever company stays over for the holidays, my room automatically becomes the guest room. Because of this, I always try to keep my room lively and festive (and because I LOVE holidays and decorating!). Whenever I think of the holidayswhether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s—joy always comes to mind: the joy of chowing down on my grandma’s delicious turkey, opening presents on Christmas morning or ringing in the New Year with my best friends. Holidays are joyous occasions, so I decided to highlight that with an adorable “Joy” marquee sign (which matches my bedding perfectly!).
Target Wonderlist Holiday Decor
While the “Joy” marquee sign and deer decor work perfectly for Thanksgiving and New Year’s, I love that I can easily add in a pair of cute reindeer antlers and a gorgeous pink tree to get more of a Christmas vibe. 

2. Center your sesonal decor around the same key piecesA great way to easily transition your decor between holidays is by highlighting the same key pieces. I’m a HUGE candle lover, so finding a candle set that could last me through fall and winter was a must. I went with the copper pumpkin-spice three-piece candle gift set from Threshold since not only is the scent perfect for the holidays, but it could also double as a lovely centerpiece. Along with candles, I decided to base my holiday setup around an adorable decorative truck I found during one of my daily Target runs! Thanksgiving decor that can be used for Christmas

3. Big things come in small packages. After you establish the key items to base your decorations around, all you’ll need to make those decorations transition between holidays is a few inexpensive seasonal adjustments.Target Thanksgiving and Christmas DecorBy adding holiday-specific greeting cards, you can take your centerpiece from Thanksgiving to Christmas in no time.Target Holiday Decorative Truck
The same goes for adding in different ornaments. For my fall/Thanksgiving centerpiece, I went with a cute little deer ornament. Replace the deer with an adorable cup of hot cocoa ornament and you’ve got yourself a fun winter display! 

4. Buy decor that will easily blend into your current design schemeMy office already contains lots of vibrant colors, and since I wanted something festive but not too Christmassy, I decided to go with fun and bright decor like a pink Christmas tree and a white nutcracker.Office Chrsitmas DecorTarget Nutcracker

5. If your decor can’t transition between holidays, store itSometimes it’s just impossible to try to make a turkey figurine work for Christmas or a Santa nutcracker work for Thanksgiving (believe me, I’ve tried). Instead of stressing about trying to make everything work together cohesively, the simplest solution is just to store your hard-to-transition seasonal decor.Target Woven Storage Basket
Since my fall leaves and deer ornament didn’t really fit my winter wonderland display, I pulled out my woven basket and packed them away for next fall!

What are your favorite tips for making your seasonal decor transition between holidays? Find your style @TargetStyle.TARGET_LOGO