Must Have: November 2015

November 4, 2015

November Must Have ItemsIt’s November, which means new month, new Must Have list! With Thanksgiving, my sister’s birthday and a trip to Disney World coming up (not to mention the fact that I have double the amount of work deadlines this month), November is going to be crazy busy (but super fun) for me. I know I’ve said this before but in case some of you are new readers, I’ve noticed some people aren’t understanding exactly what these ‘Must Have’ lists are. This isn’t a list of things I think everyone (or even myself) particularly “needs.” It’s simply a list of items I’d like to get that month. A “wish list” if you will. Since this list is based on things I myself would want, I understand not everyone will find these items useful or lush worthy. I’ve had a few people comment on some of my past Must Have lists asking if these were meant to be similar to a “things you can’t live without that [insert month] list” and I want to clarify that they aren’t. Just wanted to clear that up again. Here are my ‘Must Haves‘ for November:

1. Chip ‘n Dale Holiday Plush Set. In case you couldn’t tell (exhibit A, B, C and D), Chip ‘n Dale are my favorite characters (not just from Disney but period!) They’re so cute and they were just a huge part of my childhood so I’ve always loved them. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of Chip ‘n Dale merchandise going around (I can’t wait to visit Hong Kong Disneyland because they seem to LOVE Chip ‘n Dale there.) Luckily, Disney released this Disney Parks exclusive (meaning it’s only available at Disneyland and Disney World) holiday plush set and since I’m heading to Disney World NEXT WEEK, I get to buy them (they’re also available online but I don’t want to deal with shipping costs plus I get a discount at the parks since I’m a Disney Annual Passholder.)

2. The Little Mermaid Wii U Skin. I’m always looking for new ways to jazz up my room so I thought what better way to start than by decorating a few odds and ends I have lying around. Since I use my Wii U every day (mostly to watch Netflix or YouTube on my TV) I thought I’d start with that. Why have a boring old black Wii U when you can have a Disney Wii U?! I feel in LOVE with this Little Mermaid Wii U Skin from Amazon!

3. Rifle Paper Co. ‘Merry Christmas’ Card. I know I say this every time a holiday is approaching but for those of you who are new readers, I prefer to order greeting cards a month prior to the holiday so I can ensure that they not only arrive on time but that I have enough time to mail them out. For this years Christmas cards, I’m going with the ‘Merry Christmas’ Rifle Paper Co. card.

4. External Hard Drive. I admit it, I am terrible at backing up files and photos (which is slowly coming back to bite me in the butt.) I’m in DESPERATE need of an external hard drive so if you use/have on, which one do you prefer? Or what “backing up files” techniques do you suggest?

5. Chip ‘n Dale Holiday Mug. Disney is SPOILING me this holiday season with all this new Chip ‘n Dale merchandise (hey, no complaints here!) I seriously NEED IT ALL! I collect Disney mugs so it only makes since to add this adorable Chip ‘n Dale one to my collection.

What’s on your must have list this month?
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