Picking the Perfect Hallmark Ornament: A Yearly Tradition

November 11, 2015

Picking the perfect Hallmark Ornament
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Okay, I know it’s only November but hear me out! Ever since I was a little girl, one of my favorite family holiday traditions was picking out our yearly ornaments. It’s kind of a big deal in our family. Every year, my mom, sister and I head to Hallmark and each pick out one ornament that best summed up that year. My family LOVES holidays (especially Christmas) so we’ve always tried to find ways to make the holiday cheer last for as long as possible (hence, picking out ornaments in November.) Since another one of our holiday traditions is putting up the Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving (usually that Friday morning), we’ve always done ‘operation ornament’ (we’re weirdos, I know, but I wouldn’t change it for the world) in early November. While I am always happy with our selections, this years ornaments might be my FAVORITE!Hallmark Keepsake Plush Christmas TreeKeepsake Kids Tabletop Plush Christmas Tree With ButtonsBefore we could even get to the ornament display, I noticed this ADORABLE Keepsake Plush Christmas Tree and I thought “I NEED this in my life!” The buttons are perfect for hanging up ornaments (because who wants to wait until the Christmas tree is up to see all those adorable ornaments!)
2015 Hallmark Keepsake OrnamentsSince my sister moved to her own place last summer, this was the first year she didn’t partake in operation ornament (she’s starting her own adorable Christmas traditions this year!) I bet you can’t guess which ornament is mine? CHIP AND DALE! It’s funny because Chip and Dale are my FAVORITE characters and yet I’ve never had an ornament of them before. My mom, aka the BEST teacher in the entire universe (and I’m not being bias, her students say the same thing) picked out a super cute apple pencil holder ornament this year (she basically picks out a new ‘best teacher’ or ‘best mother’ ornament every year but I can understand why because she IS the BEST mom and teacher ever!) Even though I’ve been wanting a Chip and Dale ornament practically my whole life, my favorite ornament this year is definitely the ornament we picked out for Loki! Since Loki was born in February (he was born on Valentine’s Day) and we adopted him this year, this will not only be his first Christmas with us, but his first Christmas period so we wanted to get a 2015 dog ornament to show him how much we love him and that he’s just as apart of this family as anyone else! Now we just need to pick the perfect photo to put in the ornament!Hallmark Christmas Ornaments for TeachersChip and Dale Hallmark Christmas OrnamentHallmark Keepsake Ornament
The thing that I LOVE about Hallmark Keepsake ornaments (and one of the main reasons they’re our go-to for operation ornament) is that they’re so easy to store when Christmas is over. There’s no need to fear if they’ll be safe come next Christmas. You just pop them back into their boxes and poof, they’re good to go. I can’t to add our new ornaments to our tree!

What’s some of your favorite holiday traditions?