Surprising My Mom With The Ultimate Early Christmas Gift

November 19, 2015

Surprising My Mom With The Ultimate Early Christmas GiftI’ve talked about this on the blog before but my mom is my ULTIMATE hero! Seriously, not only did she raise two awesome (if I do say so myself) daughters BY HERSELF, but she also did everything in her power to make sure my sister and I had the best life possible. From going years without being any new clothes for herself (seriously, she once didn’t buy new clothes for four years) so that she could make sure my sister and I had everything we needed to taking out (crazy) loans to put both my sister and I through college, my mom is seriously the BEST! Ever since I graduated in 2014, I vowed to do everything in my power to pay my mom back for all the amazing things she’s done for me. When I got a job, I immediately started saving so I could do something I knew my mom would love: take her to Disney! Although we went to Disney every year growing up, we weren’t able to visit during my four years of college (since we had to worry about things like tuition and books.) After graduating (and not spending all those years at Disney), I vowed to make up for lost time and visit Disney as much as I could (I’ve been going monthly) and of course I decided to pay for my mom to come along to (good thing I’m such a big saver!) Although my mom has LOVED visiting Disney so often, I knew it wasn’t enough! I wanted to get her something that she really NEEDED: a new a mattress!
100 Day Mattress TrialMy mom has had the same mattress since we first moved into our house (which was 13 years ago?!) In fact, she’s said she hasn’t had a good sleep in almost three years. I know what you’re wondering, “why didn’t she just buy a new mattress?” My mom is one of those people who put everyone’s need above her own. Since Christmas is coming up, I decided to surprise her with something she DESPERATELY needed (but would have never gotten for herself) a new mattress!
Buying a Mattress OnlineThe eve mattress is a foam mattress and combines three different types of foam to one ridiculously comfortable mattress (seriously, I’m thinking about getting one for myself now too!) The bottom layer is a 17cm ultra-resilient base foam, the middle layer is made from 4cm highest quality, luxurious memory foam and the top layer is 4cm natural latex which is antimicrobial and adds bounce. This sandwich makes for an incredible cloud-like sleeping experience, supports in all the right places and helps prevent aches and pains. Mattress In A Box
Eve MattressEven Loki is in love with my mom’s new eve mattress!
eve mattress 100 Day Mattress TrialEve was founded by a group of 4 friends who have been selling mattresses online for years. The mattress buying process is often seen as painful – too much choice, too much jargon, pushy sales people and only 10 minutes in a store to try out a long term sleeping partner. Eve has set out to change this – through removing choice and offering a high quality product for a fraction of the price. This is made possible by cutting out wholesalers and middlemen and shipping the mattress in vacuum sealed packaging so it fits through every doorframe and up every flight of stairs easily.
Dachshund lab puppy mixEve even offers a 100 night trial – if consumers don’t like the mattress, they pick it up and give a full refund – no questions asked! Although that won’t be necessary for us since my mom is in LOVE with her new eve mattress! I’m so happy my mom can FINALLY get a good night sleep again!