Fun (Free) Holiday Events in Chicago: ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo

December 4, 2015

Free Holiday Events in ChicagoOne of my FAVORITE things about living in Chicago is all of the amazing things there are to do here in the city (especially around the holidays). From Broadway to fun attractions to some of the BEST museums in the world, there’s always something fun to do in Chicago. One of my favorite holiday traditions is visiting ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo.

I’ve been going every year for about ten years now (maybe even longer than that) and it never fails to get me into the holiday mood! ZooLights is an annual winter event held at Lincoln Park Zoo here in Chicago were guests can view gorgeous light displays, see cool nightly ice carving demonstrations, sip hot cocoa and enjoy ice skating on the zoo’s rink. And did I mention it’s FREE!

Since ZooLights is held at Lincoln Park Zoo, there are a lot of cool animal lights displays like lions, crabs (of some weird reason, monkeys (which are my favorite), tigers, penguins and even a dragon! Of course there are also more ‘Christmas-y’ displays, like Santa, reindeer and gingerbread men, but the animal light displays are just so darn cute and unique!

ZooLights takes place from 4:30–9 p.m Friday–Sunday until December 13, at which point the lights will be on nightly (except December 24 and 25) until January 3. I’m just so happy I was able to continue this 10+ year tradition since I thought I wouldn’t have the time to visit this year (since I’m heading to Disneyland next week and then to Disney World for Christmas and New Years!)

Here are some of my favorite light displays from  ZooLights at Lincoln Park Zoo: ZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo
ZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo DisplayZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo PenguinsZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo GiraffeZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo Lights DisplayZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo Ape DisplayZooLights ChicagoZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo Monkey
The monkey display might be my favorite thing EVER! I mean, look at it! It’s a monkey swinging on a vine!Christmas Light Displays in Chicago
ZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo LionsI saw The Lion King on Broadway (for the second time) this week and gosh, it was even BETTER the second time around (how is that even possible?!)Chicago ZooLights Lincoln Park ZooZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo Gingerbread ManZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo copyZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo Christmas LightsZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo
ZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo ZebraI LOVE the multicolored zebras (how adorable is that!)ZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo Animal DisplaysZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo TigerZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo Display ZooLights Lincoln Park Zoo Santa
Of course no Christmas lights display would be complete without good old Saint Nick! 

Does your local zoo do a ZooLights display during the holidays? What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?