Holiday Equations: Mixing and Matching Holiday Decor

December 9, 2015

*Special thanks to Target for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*Decorating For The Holidays
They say opposites attract, but did you know that applies to decorating too? Somethings the most unlikely things can come together to create a unique and gorgeous space. It’s no secret that I LOVE the holidays, so last week, I decided to give a little holiday facelift to two of the most used areas in my living space (since my room is essentially a studio apartment): my bedroom area and my dining area. Not only are these two of my most used spaces, but they’re also the most widely used by guests during the holidays (since my room/studio becomes the guest room during this time of year.) By mixing and matching a few different types of decor, I was able to create a unique and festive holiday theme for my living area. 
Cute Holiday Decor From TargetI’m all about holiday equations (you know, one cute item + a different cute item = a festive outcome) this year, and its been so much fun gathering up all my favorite Target holiday decor and seeing all the adorable (and different) outcomes. Three festive pillows + one motivational marquee sign + one decorative statue + one adorable plushie = a delightfully deer-filled holiday bedroom! 
Target Bedroom Holiday DecorAdd in a fuzzy white faux fur throw blanket and you’ve got yourself a deer-filled winter wonderland. 
Cute Christmas Stocking Stuffings From TargetNothing says “holiday fun” more than marathons of your favorite classic Christmas films while snuggling with a fuzzy throw blanket. (Add in some peppermint bark and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening!).
2015 Target Holiday CollectionEven though my dining area is tiny (the table can only accommodate two people), it’s ironically one of the biggest gathering points in my room (because nothing brings people together like food, am I right?). I added one of my favorite winter candles, a 2015 snow globe, a mini Christmas tree, and some adorable Santa-themed dining decor to create my “deck the halls” dining display.
2015 Snow Globe From TargetI’m so happy to add this adorable 2015 Christmas tree snow globe to my ever-growing collection. (I collect snow globes if you didn’t know.) Target has the BEST selection holiday snow globes (it was so hard to choose just one,) and that’s not even counting all the great choices they have online! Great news: has FREE standard shipping and returns on all orders, from now through 12/25!Mulled Cider Candle From Target
Cute Christmas Santa Plate From TargetI know Santa prefers cookies, but I think that’s because he hasn’t tasted these yummy mini Christmas tree cakes yet! 

Looking for more holiday decor inspiration? Make sure to check out the video below. I LOVE how Nikki from My Style Diaries uses a series of holiday home equations to create a fun and festive space. By applying simple math, she was able to create three easy and unique holiday looks for the mantel, the dining-room table, and the tree! 

What equations will transform your home for the holidays? Find your style @TargetStyle.TARGET_LOGO