Disney Store Haul: January 2016

January 27, 2016

Disney Store Haul
Happy Wednesday! Disney is such a HUGE part of my life (if you couldn’t already tell from my monthly Disneyland and Disney World trips) and one of my goals is to make it a huge part of this blog as well. I always have so much fun sharing my monthly Disney Parks Hauls here on the blog so I thought, “why not start sharing some of my Disney Store hauls too?”! Aside from Target, the Disney Store is probably the store I shop at the most (can you blame me, everything is so adorable there!) Earlier this month, the Disney Store was having a HUGE online blowout sale (seriously, some stuff was as cheap as $1?!!) which included FREE SHIPPING and of course I couldn’t resist stocking up on a few new Disney items! I’m such a sucker for cute Disney stuff which is ironic because everything but one item in this haul is from Disney’s D/Style Collection (which is a collection of Japanese inspired Kawaii Disney stuff!). Here’s my January Disney Store haul: tsum tsum Marie plate
This Marie tsum tsum dish retails for only $3.95 on the Disney Store’s website and it’s definitely worth the price (just look at how adorable it is?!!!) It’s a little darker pink in person (it photographs very light) and it’s the perfect size for holding cute little knick knacks!Chip 'n Dale tsum tsum pen
It’s no secret that Chip ‘n Dale are my FAVORITE characters of all time, so of course I had to get this adorable tsum tsum pen! It’s so sad that Chip ‘n Dale aren’t that popular here in the US because they barely have any merchandise. That’s why I can’t WAIT to visit Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland later this year because Chip ‘n Dale are HUGE in Asia and the merch is plentiful!Chip n Dale tsum tsum pen
Here’s what it looks like out of the packaging! They also have Winnie the Pooh (with Piglet) and the Toy Story Aliens versions of this pen (I think I might have to order those two as well!)Princess Leia Mug
The only non D/Style (aka Kawaii Disney merch) item I got was this Princess Leia mug (which is adorable in its own right!) I am a HUGE Star Wars fan as well as a Disney mug collector so obviously I had to add this to my collection. This mug (which originally retailed for $14.95) was on sale for ONLY $4.99 so of course I couldn’t say no. I LOVE how the double handles create her iconic buns!Disney Store Kawaii Socks
OH MY GOD. Can we just talk about how ADORABLE these socks are?! Seriously, they are PERFECTION! Call me weird, but I LOVE socks (I’m one of those people who actually ASKS friends and family for socks during the holidays/my birthday!) I was actually known in middle school and high school for always wearing kooky (and often mitch-matched) socks (hey, that’s not a bad thing to be known for!) I LOVE the fact that these socks are mitch-matched because I can NEVER keep up with my socks (in fact, I’d go as far as saying that I only wear matching socks once or twice a month!)Winnie the Pooh SocksMonsters Inc Disney Store SocksAlice in Wonderland Disney Store SocksChip n Dale Disney Socks
I picked up four adorable pairs of Kawaii mitch-matched socks including: Alice In Wonderland’s Alice and the White Rabbit, Mike and Sulley from Monster’s Inc, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and, of course, Chip ‘n Dale! 

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