Disney World Haul: Winter 2015/2016

January 8, 2016

Disney World Haul
I just got back from Disney World earlier this week and although it was an AWESOME trip, it was a bittersweet one nonetheless. 2015 was definitely the ‘Year of Disney Trips’ for me! In 2015 I not only bought my Disney Premier Passport (aka an annual pass to both Disneyland AND Disney World with NO blackout dates) but I visited the Disney parks SEVEN times (that’s four Disney World trips & three Disneyland trips in ONE YEAR!) And although my Disney Premier Passport doesn’t expire until May (yes, I do plan to renew it), I don’t have any foreseeable Disney World trips plans for this year (insert crying emoji!) That’s because I’ve deemed 2016 as the “Year of Disney International Trips!” I plan on visiting Disneyland Paris in the spring and Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland in the summer! Since these trips are a little (a lot) more pricey, I had to sacrifice visiting the US parks so often (but it’s totally WORHT IT!) Like I say in all my Disney Haul posts, a quick disclosure: since I am a Disney Premier Passport holder, I get a pretty good discount on merchandise (20% off at Disneyland and 10% off at Disney World). Also, since I spent the holidays at Disney World, most of these items were Christmas gifts. Here’s my Disney World winter 2015/2016 haul: Disney Parks Stars Wars Popcorn Buckets
I got THREE popcorn buckets this trip: a TIE Fighter premium popcorn bucket, a Darth Vader popcorn bucket and a Han Solo in Carbonite Popcorn Bucket (seriously, how AWESOME is that?!) Don’t judge me though, how could I possibly choose between these awesome Star Wars popcorn buckets?! I’ve talked about it before on the blog (here, here, and here) but in case it wasn’t obvious, I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan. In fact, one of my FIRST EVER giveaways back in 2013 was Star Wars related! Usually Disney Parks souvenir popcorn buckets aren’t expensive (they’re usually $6 which isn’t bad since a bag of popcorn is $4, so essentially you’re only paying an additional $2 for an adorable popcorn bucket) but these were admittedly really pricey (but worth it!)Disney World Star Wars Souvenir Cups
Speaking of awesome Star Wars merch, I am in LOVE with my new BB-8 and Chewbacca souvenir cups! As some of you may already know, I collect Disney mugs (you can see some of my Disney mug collection hereherehere and here) and while these are not technically “mugs”, I still love them all the same! Seriously, that BB-8 cup hasn’t left my side!Disney World Yak & Yet Souvenir Cup
Since I’m such a cup lover (especially Disney ones), whenever I eat at the Disney Parks I always spring an extra two or three bucks for the souvenir cup option. From Yak & Yeti (aka one of my FAVORITE Disney restaurants) in Animal Kingdom, I got this adorable Amanda the Panda cup (which comes with the most delicious Strawberry Lemonade ICEE you’ve ever tasted) and I got that super cute rocket ship cup (which features the Fab Five) from the Tomorrowland Terrace in Magic Kingdom.Disney World LeFou's Brew Souvenir Cup
Okay, I might have went a little over board with the souvenir cups (I got SEVEN this trip) but they were all just too cute to resist. I grabbed both the Beauty and the Beast souvenir cups from Gaston’s Tavern (quick tip, if you ask for JUST the cups without any ‘LeFou’s Brew’ in it, they only cost $6!) I also picked up the most ADORABLE Chip n’ Dale mug from Epcot because as you all should know, I LOVE Chip n’ Dale! Bonus: all three of these cups are double sided! On one side we have Gaston, Belle and Dale (hey that rhymes!)LeFou's Brew Souvenir Cup
And on the other side we have Chip, the enchanted rose and LeFou!Disney World Sparkle Minnie Ears
I saw these adorable blue and white sparkly Minnie ears on the first night of my trip and just knew I had to have them! Disney World Gaston's Tavern Hat
Wherever I visit Disney World, I always make sure to stop by Disney’s Character Warehouse at the Orlando International Premium Outlets. They have so many great deals (including CURRENT Disney Parks merchandise) for up to 70% off! I picked up this Gaston’s Tavern hat for only $3!Disney Alex and Ani
I added three new Alex and Ani bracelets to my ever growing collection: gold 2015 and 2016 bracelets and a silver Walt Disney World bracelet (to match my silver Disneyland Forever Alex and Ani bracelet.) At first, I only wanted to collect the gold versions of each bracelet but now I like the silver/gold look.Disney Pin Trading
I didn’t do any pin trading during my fall Disney World or winter Disneyland trips and all I can say is gosh, I’ve missed pin trading! It’s so much fun! During this trip I traded for 18 new pins. I traded for an American shield Chip pin, tsum tsum Chip pin, sailor Chip pin and Kawaii Dale pin for my Chip n’ Dale pin collection. For my princess pin collection I traded for a toddler Mulan pin and a Jasmine pin. I traded for a pirate Mickey, Sorcerer Mickey candy apple, 2012 Mickey ear pin, and Kawaii Mickey and Minnie pins. I also traded for a Belle pin (for my Beauty and the Beast collection), a Star Wars mystery pack pin, a Marie pin and a Disney Institute pin.Live action Cinderella Disney pin
I bought this gorgeous live action Cinderella pin from Disney’s Character Warehouse at the Orlando International Premium Outlets (the same place I got my Gaston hat) for only $3.99 (it was originally $12 when the film was first released!) Disney World Limited Edition Pins
This was my second year in a row spending both Christmas and New Years at Disney World so I decided to get pins to commemorate that. I am in LOVE with that Limited Edition (or LE) Happy New Year Peter Pan pin (if you move the pin around it changes from 2015 to 2016) and LE Merry Christmas pin (you have to actually be at Disney ON Christmas to be able to buy it!)Star Wars Valentine's Day Disney Pin
Oh Star Wars merchandise, why do you have to be so cute?!? That Han Solo and Princess Leia Valentine’s Day pin may be my new favorite Disney pin of all time (seriously, such an iconic and adorable Han/Leia moment!) Star Wars: The Force Awakens Limited Edition Jumbo Pin
I’m so excited because I FINALLY own a jumbo Disney pin! Although I’ve been collecting Disney pins since 2002, I’ve never bought a jumbo pin before. Not that there aren’t awesome jumbo pins out there, it’s just that they are so expensive and I’ve never thought it was worth it to spend $100+ on a pin. But as soon as I saw this Star Wars: The Force Awakens jumbo pin I knew I needed it in my life. Luckily Santa (aka Lilo aka my mom) knew how much I wanted it! BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!Star Wars The Force Awakens LE Jumbo Disney Pin
Here it is in all its glory! This Star Wars: The Force Awakens Limited Edition Jumbo Disney Pin is a LE of 500, meaning only 500 were made PERIOD! I own at lot of LE pins but this one is definitely the rarest! I LOVE how it shows the light and the dark side. It’s just PERFECTThe Force Awakens Limited Edition Disney Pin
Just to give you an idea of its size, here’s the jumbo Star Wars pin next to a regular sized pin (its like five times the size of a regular pin!)Star Wars Rey's Speeder LEGO set
Basically all I asked for for Christmas was Star Wars stuff so I was super happy to get this LEGO set of Rey’s Speeder (seriously, the lack of Rey merchandise is SO frustrating!)Star Wars: The Force Awakens Deluxe Figure Play Set
So much Star Wars merch, so little time! I LOVE this mini figure set! Beauty and the Beast Play Sets
I also got two Beauty and the Beast mini figure sets to go with the other Beauty and the Beast mini figure set I picked up during my Halloween Disneyland trip.Duffy the Disney Bear CostumesHaunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghost PlushDuffy the Disney Bear 2015 Plush
I found so many awesome toy deals while I was at Disney’s Character Warehouse at the Orlando International Premium Outlets! I was able to pick up a new outfit for Duffy, a plush of the Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion (I LOVE them so much) and a 2015 Duffy. All of which were INSANELY discounted! Whats crazy is that the Hitchhiking Ghosts plush set is CURRENTLY being sold at the Disney Parks for $40 and I was able to find it at the outlet for $14 (woot woot!)Disney World Kawaii Tigger Plush
How ADORABLE is this Tigger Plush?! It’s so Kawaii I can’t even stand it (and I love how he comes with a little Roo on his shoulder!)Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular 2015 ShirtDisney Halloween 2015 Hoodie
I know what you’re thinking, “A Halloween shirt and hoodie?” but hear me out! Disney’s Character Warehouse always has the BEST off season seasonal items! I was able to get that Hocus Pocus Villains Spelltacular 2015 shirt for only $4 (it retailed for $30?! during Halloween time) and that AWESOME hoodie (which I’ve had my eye on since I visited Disneyland during Halloween time) for ONLY $14! It cost $54 originally (good thing I didn’t buy it when I first saw it during Halloween. Hooray for patience!)That's a Wrap Osborne Lights Shirt
Since The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights officially ended this year (thanks for the years of memories Osborne Lights), I HAD to get this “It’s a Wrap” shirt! Disney World 2016 HoodieDisney World 2016 Hoodie
The final thing I got was this adorable Disney World 2016 hoodie! This years (2016) Disney Parks theme is “music, magic, memories” so everything has a musical twist to it (which I love!). Since I’m not sure if I’ll get to visit Disney Word again this year/in 2016 (since I’ll be spending this year visiting Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland), I really wanted to make sure I had a cute “2016” clothing item and this was definitely my favorite!

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