New Year, New Decor: Turning My Bedroom Into My Personal Oasis

January 21, 2016

*Special thanks to Target for sponsoring today’s post! As always, all opinions are my own*Decorating your bedroom on a budgetAlthough I LOVE the holidays, I have to admit that I am kind of glad they’re finally over. Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE everything about the holidays, but between the constant traveling (not that I’m complaining) and the nonstop hostess duties (those holiday parties aren’t going to throw themselves), it’s good to take a step back and relax. While I LOVED focusing on my loved ones during the holidays (because the holidays are about giving, not receiving, right?), I realized it’s also important to focus on yourself sometimes—and there’s no time like the present (am I right?). This year, one of my goals is to continue working on something that I’ve been working hard on since last year, and that’s focusing on my happiness. For me, it’s the simple things that make me the happiest. Seeing a new film (I recently saw The Hateful Eight and it was AWESOME), playing with my puppy, Loki (who happens to be turning ONE YEAR OLD next month), and revamping my room are just some of the things that are guaranteed to put a smile on my face. So last week, I decided to turn my bedroom into my own little oasis, and I am seriously in love with how it turned out.Simply Shabby Chic Dream Wall Decor
If you’ve been following this blog through the years (or follow me on Twitter), you may know that one of my biggest mottos is “dream big.” I’m a firm believer that ALL dreams are possible if you not only put your mind to it, but also put in the work it requires to make that dream into a reality. While I was on one of my daily Target runs a few weeks ago, I saw the most AMAZING dream wall decor. I instantly fell in love with its adorable pastel floral design, and it immediately became the basis of my mini room makeover! Since Target was having an awesome bath and bedroom sale, I decided to pick up some adorable new bed sheets and a few items for my home office and bathroom.Target Room Essentials Bathroom Decor
My bathroom has been in desperate need of a makeover for months now, so I decided to pick up some new rugs, a shower curtain, a toothbrush holder, and a soap holder. I loved the idea of having a multicolored shower curtain so I can highlight different accent colors throughout the space. Cute Bath SoapHow adorable is that bar of soap?! I found it in the Valentine’s Day section at Target!Cute and Affordable Bathroom Decor
I loved that I decided to highlight the orange in the shower curtain with an orange rug and toilet-seat cover, and the light blue in the shower curtain with the toothbrush holder. It just adds so much color and life to the room! (How cute is my little toothbrush cover, Huggsy? Anyone who gets that reference is automatically my best friend!)Cute Home Office Gallery WallCute Home Office Spaces
Since the most used area of my room is my little home office, I decided to spruce it up a bit too. I added an adorable Chicago flag (I LOVE that Target sells “local pride” items now), a little jewelry box (where I keep notepads and sticky notes), and a super cute pencil holder (it’s technically a candle holder, but it gets the job done!).Cute Black and White Striped Pillows
How cute is that pillow from Target’s dollar section (which is also where I found the pencil holder and jewelry box!)?Pale Pink Bedroom Set
Since the entire basis of my little room makeover was that adorable pastel floral dream wall decor, I decided to go with this GORGEOUS pale pink bedding setCute Bedroom Wall Decor
Now, whenever I go to sleep, wake up, or relax in my bed, I’m greeted with the reminder to always follow my dreams.Star Wars DVD Box Set
I decided to celebrate my adorable new oasis the only way I know how: with a Star Wars marathon! Even though I already owned each of the six films as individual DVDs, I LOVED these awesome box sets I found at Target. Darth Vader represents the original trilogy, while Yoda represents the prequels!

From de-cluttering to “me time,” make sure to watch the new Target series “How Do You Do” for some fun tips and tricks for making January all about YOU. (Maybe it will even inspire you to turn your bedroom into your own personal oasis!)

What items would you use to turn your living space into your very own personal oasis? Find your style @TargetStyle.TARGET_LOGO