Blind Box & Bag Roundup 26. (Disney Figural Keyrings)

March 30, 2016

Disney Figural Keyrings Series 6
Happy Wednesday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup! If you follow me on snapchat (simplysinova) or Instagram than you may already know that the “Easter Bunny” brought me a boat load of Disney Figural Keyring blind bags (aka there was a HUGE sale going on a Hot Topic so I picked up a few Disney Figural Keyrings for myself). No seriously, a BOAT LOAD! I picked up some Big Hero 6 Disney Figural Keyrings, a few tsum tsum Disney Figural Keyrings and handful of the Series 6 Disney Figural Keyrings. Since I got three different series of Figural Keyring blind bags, I’ve decided to break them up into three different Blind Box & Bag Roundup posts! Today’s BB&BR is going to be dedicated to the Series 6 Disney Figural Keyrings (how adorable is that packaging?!)Pixar Inside Out Figural Keyring
This series seems to have a Pixar theme to it, with all 11 of the figures being from either the Toy Story franchise or Inside Out. I for one LOVE these figural keyring blind bags (they’re just so freaking adorable) so I honestly didn’t care which figures I got (I eventually want to collect them all) but since I had six diffenret blind bags and there’s 11 possible figures to collect, I was hoping to at least get Bing Bong (he’s so adorable), Sadness or one of the exclusives figures. I was also crossing my fingers for no doubles!Inside Out Figural Keyring
The first three I opened were Joy, Disgust and Anger! Seriously, these little keyrings are just to cute to be true!Disney Figural Keyring Series 6 blind bag
The final four blind bags contained Jesse, Rex, the Exclusive B figure (blue Anger) and another Disgust (which isn’t pictured since she was a double). How cute is Rex?! Look at this little T-Rex arms! I’m so in love with these little keychains! Stay tuned because next week I’ll be sharing which ADORABLE tsum tsum Disney Figural Keyring figures I got (get ready for some serious tsum tsum cuteness overload next week!). 

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