Blind Box & Bag Roundup 27. (Disney tsum tsum Figural Keyrings)

April 6, 2016

Disney tsum tsum figural keyring series 1
Happy Wednesday and welcome to another edition of Blind Box & Bag Roundup! In case you missed it, there was a HUGE sale going on a Hot Topic a few weeks ago, so I picked up a few Disney Figural Keyrings. I picked up some Big Hero 6 Disney Figural Keyrings, a few tsum tsum Disney Figural Keyrings and handful of the Series 6 Disney Figural Keyrings (you can check out that BB&BR opening HERE!). Since I got three different series of Figural Keyring blind bags, I’ve decided to break them up into three different Blind Box & Bag Roundup posts (the more BB&BR posts the merrier, am I right?)! Today’s BB&BR is dedicated to the new Disney tsum tsum Figural Keyrings (because who doesn’t love tsum tsum’s?!) tsum tsum figural keyring series 1Disney tsum tsum Figural Keyring
I’m a little confused at the characters they chose to include in these figural keyring blind bags. I mean, I understand that this is only the first series but I expected them to at least include all of the Fab Five (let along Mickey Mouse himself)? tsum tsum figural keyring
Being the HUGE Chip and Dale lover that I am, I definitely had my fingers crossed for Chip (it’s so weird that they didn’t include Dale in this series. Why have one and not the other?). I’m always hoping for the exclusive figures so I also had my fingers crossing for either Exclusive A or Exclusive B. tsum tsum figural keyring
I didn’t get Chip (insert crying emoji) BUT I did get BOTH Exclusive A (Pinocchio) and Exclusive B (Dumbo). Although these figural keyrings are super adorable, I don’t think I’ll be getting any more anytime soon. Sure they’re super cute but they aren’t as cool as some of the other figural keyrings I’ve opened in the past. I think the thing that I don’t like about them is the fact that the keychain part is on the figures butts.tsum tsum figural keying
I would have preferred if the keychain part was coming out of their back (I understand that would make them hard to stack up still). That way, when I hang the keyrings on my bag/or on display, they would be upright instead of upside down.  

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