Disneyland Paris Haul: Spring 2016

April 27, 2016

Disneyland Paris Haul
Happy Wednesday! It’s a new month, which means it’s time for a new Disney Haul! I JUST got back from Paris (hence the silence on the blog for the past week and a half) and I thought today would be the perfect day to share my Disneyland Paris haul! Disneyland Paris was so GORGEOUS (stay tuned for a full Disneyland Paris post and Walt Disney Studios Park post SOON)! Everything was just so colorful and vibrant. If I had to describe Disneyland Paris in one word it would be whimsical! There was so much cute merch at Disneyland Paris that I couldn’t help but go a little over board. Although, I should point out that since it was my birthday (that’s the whole reason I was in Paris in the first place), a good 80% of the the things in this haul were birthday presents! Like I say in all my Disney Haul posts, a quick disclosure: since I decided to become a Disneyland Paris annual passholder during this trip (that’s right, I’m now currently an annual passholder to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland AND Disney World), I get a pretty good discount on merchandise (20% off, woot woot!).Disneyland Paris Popcorn Bucket
It wouldn’t be a Disney Parks haul without a popcorn bucket and souvenir cup! Disneyland Paris Spring MagnetDisneyland Paris Castle Magnet
I got two magnets from Disneyland Paris (anyone else love collecting magnets from places they visit?). The first one was an adorable spring themed Disneyland Paris logo magnet and the second one was an ADORABLE magnet of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle!Disneyland Paris Postcard
How adorable is that Disneyland Paris postcard? Disneyland Paris Spring Ears
I am in LOVE with these spring Mickey ears! I can’t wait to rock them next month (aka in less than 3 weeks) during my trip to Disney World (for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival).Disneyland Paris License Plate
This Disneyland Paris License Plate was only 3€ (if you spent over 25€) so I thought “Why not get it?”. It’s cute.Disneyland Paris Miss Bunny LanyardDisneyland Paris Tinker Bell Lanyard
Although I usually keep my Disney pins on an Alice in Wonderland lanyard (whenever I’m doing my pin trading at the parks), I couldn’t resit getting these adorable Miss Bunny Swing Into Spring and floral Tinker Bell lanyards! I don’t think I’ll be using them for holding my Disney pins though, they’ll just be for decoration in my room.Disneyland Paris Pin
Speaking of pins, I got a good amount of pins during this trip! The first pin I bought was a simple Mickey Disneyland Paris pin (to add to my Disney Parks locations/attractions pin collection).Disneyland Paris 2016 Pin
I also got a 2016 Disneyland Paris pin (since 2016 was my first time ever visiting Disneyland Paris!).Disneyland Paris Tinker Bell Pin
I got this adorable Tinker Bell pin to match my Tinker Bell lanyard.Disneyland Paris Printemps 2016 Mary Poppins Pin
Since I visited Disneyland Paris in the spring, I HAD to get this Limited Edition Disneyland Paris Printemps 2016 Mary Poppins Pin! (Who doesn’t LOVE Mary Poppins and LE Disney pins?!)Disneyland Paris Spring Aristocats PinDisneyland Paris Chip 'n Dale Easter Egg Pin Set
I also got two other spring/seasonal pins: a Disneyland Paris spring Aristocats pin and a Disneyland Paris Chip ‘n Dale Easter Egg Pin Set (because I LOVE Chip ‘n Dale!).Disneyland Paris Limited Edition Cinderella Pin
The final Disney pin I got is quite possibly the most GORGEOUS pin I own (well, it’s at least up there in the top 10. I own over 300 Disney pins so…)! This amazing LE Cinderella pin was the LAST one at the store (hooray that I was able to buy it!).Chip 'n Dale Eiffel Tower StatueDisneyland Paris Chip 'n Dale Eiffel Tower Statue
I knew I couldn’t leave Paris without buying at least one Eiffel Tower themed item, so as soon as I saw a Chip ‘n Dale themed one I was like “SOLD!”.Perry the Platypus tsum tsum
Since I’ve never been able to find these Perry and Figaro tsum tsum’s in the US, I decided to get them while I was at Disneyland Paris (Perry is just too cute!).Disneyland Paris Chef Duffy PlushDisneyland Paris Chef Duffy
I have a little bit of a Duffy problem (this Chef Duffy now makes nine Duffy/Shellie May’s that I own) but I couldn’t resist a Disneyland Paris exclusive!Disneyland Paris Ratatouille Plush
Speaking of chefs, how cute is this Disneyland Paris Remy plush?Disneyland Paris Sorcerer Stitch Plush
I collect Stitch stuff so of course I couldn’t NOT get this adorable Disneyland Paris Sorcerer Stitch plush!Disneyland Paris Chip 'n Dale Plush Set
Chip ‘n Dale are my FAVORITE characters so whenever I see any of their merch, I get so excited (especially since they aren’t that popular in the US, so they don’t have that much merch in the first place).Disneyland Paris Pegasus PlushDisneyland Paris Aristocats Plush Set
The final plushies I got were an adorable Pegasus plush (I LOVE Hercules) and the cutest Aristocats plush set I’ve ever seen! How often so you see Berlioz and Toulouse in plush form?!Disneyland Paris Aristocats Marie Watch
Speaking of The Aristocats, I feel like you can’t go to Disneyland Paris without getting this adorable Marie watch (I don’t even wear watches but this was just too cute!).Beauty and the Beast Deluxe Tea Party SetDisneyland Paris Beast HatDisneyland Paris Beauty and the Beast Mittens
It’s no secret that Beauty and the Beast is my FAV movie, so of course I had to get a few Beauty and the Beast souvenirs! That Beast mitten and hat set (you have to buy them separately) are now my favorite things EVER!Disneyland Paris T-ShirtDisneyland Paris Attractions ShirtDisneyland Paris ShirtDisneyland Paris Ratatouille ShirtDisneyland Paris Chef Remy Shirt
I got three super cute (and SO comfy) shirts while I was at Disneyland Paris (I seriously own so many Disney shirts that I could wear one a day for two months and not run out of clean shirts!). Seriously, how adorable is that Ratatouille shirt?! I also got a pullover version of the blue Paris attraction shirt (the second shirt) but since I wore it during the trip, it’s now dirty.Disneyland Paris Pullover Hoodie
The final thing I got at Disneyland Paris was this Disneyland Paris Pullover Hoodie! I definitely prefer pullover hoodies to zip up hoodies (although of my eight Disney Parks hoodies, this one is the only pullover!).

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