The Importance of Good Eye Health

April 22, 2016

*This post was sponsored by Think About Your Eyes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received compensation as a thank you for my review. As always, all opinions are my own* Good Eye Health
When most people think about “being healthy” or living a healthier lifestyle, they often think about things like staying active or eating right. While being more active and eating well are definitely a must for living a healthier lifestyle, they aren’t the only things we should be worrying about. Just as eating fresh, balanced meals nourishes our body, and exercising helps keep our physique healthy and strong, we should not take for granted one of the most important aspects of our bodies: our eyes. Just like all our other muscles, eyes need regular care to maintain maximum performance. Think about it, we work so hard to keep our bodies and our minds in good shape but we often forget about the importance of good eye health (I know I’m guilty of that sometimes!). Be honest, when was the last time you got a comprehensive eye exam with an eye care professional? If you answered “Um, I can’t remember”, then I’ve got a little advice for you, stop taking your eyes for granted!

Think About Your Eyes is a national public awareness campaign that promotes the benefits of eye health, urging people to get annual comprehensive eye exams. If you think about it, our eyes really are our window into the world around us. It’s through our eyes that we see wondrous things like the change of seasons, mother nature, and of course, our loved ones. I’m currently in Paris right now (it is so AMAZING) and I couldn’t imagine not being about to see all the marvelous sights this city has to offer (stay tuned for a BUNCH of Paris photos/posts soon!). Eiffel Tower in Spring
For a while, I was the only member of family who didn’t need glasses but all of that changed around my freshman year of high school. I noticed that sometimes I would see things a little blurry if they were to far away but I didn’t think much of it. Luckily, after visiting an eye doctor I realized that the vision in my right eye (I know, it’s weird because I can see perfectly out of my left eye) can get a little blurry from time to time. Although I can see perfectly fine without glasses, I do use my glasses as reading glasses sometimes to sharpen my vision. I also tend to wear my glasses when I’m traveling. Just look at that gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower! I definitely wouldn’t want to see that through blurry eyes! By getting an annual comprehensive eye exam, eye problems can be detected at their early stages when they’re most treatable Visit the Think About Your Eyes eye care professional locator to find an eye doctor near you and schedule an exam.TAYE Gifographic_FINAL-2