Spring Cleaning Made Easy With Windex®

May 2, 2016

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Spring Cleaning Tips
Since I knew I’d be spending almost two weeks in Paris in April, I decided to get a jumpstart on my spring cleaning earlier last month (because there’s nothing worse than coming back from vacation to a dirty house!). When it comes to spring cleaning, I’m one of those people who likes to make a big event out of it. Why spend your entire spring cleaning little by little, when you can dedicate just one weekend to making things nice and tidy? For me, that was the first weekend in April. Although I usually wait until after my birthday (April 17th) to do my spring cleaning, since I was in Paris during that time, I thought it would be best to get the bulk of my spring cleaning done before my European vacation. While some people dread spring cleaning, I’ve actually grown to love it over the past few years (ever since I graduated college back in 2014, I’ve noticed my desire to keep things spick-and-span has really increased!). I definitely owe my (somewhat) newfound love of spring cleaning to my go-to cleaning secret weapon: Windex®!
The first thing I did before I started my big spring cleaning weekend was head over to Walmart so I could pick up some a few bottles of Windex®. I love how organized the Home Cleaning section at Walmart is, it makes finding my favorite cleaning products a breeze (the less time I spend trying to search the store for cleaning supplies, the more time I have to actually clean! It’s definitely a win-win situation!).Windex
Windex® Original Glass Cleaner (which just so happens to be America’s #1 glass cleaner*) is perfect for so many surfaces including windows, mirrors, sealed granite and marble, glass shower doors, chrome bathroom fixtures, lucite, tile, plastic, vinyl, aluminum and more! Which makes it the PERFECT tool for tidying up the bathroom.Windex Cleaning TipsI know my sink, chrome bathroom fixtures, shower and mirrors are in good hands thanks to Windex®.Tips for cleaning mirrors
Speaking of mirrors, I LOVE how Windex® leaves my bathroom mirrors shiny and streak-free!Spring Cleaning TipsCleaning Tips
Although I’ve somewhat mastered my spring cleaning routine, things can definitely go off script when you add pets to the mix. I can’t believe that this month (May) marks ONE YEAR since we welcomed Loki into our family (adopting him was truly the best decision I’ve ever made!). Although there’s nothing I love more than my little Loki, having a dog around does come with a lot of added responsibilities. For one thing, your amazing spring cleaning efforts can be foiled with just four little words: dirty paw print stains!Cleaning Tips For Dog Owners
Loki’s always been a very curious dog. He loves to look out (more like jump up on) the window to see what’s going on in the neighborhood. It’s a habit he’s had ever since he was a little puppy. (Look at how little Loki was! That photo was taken back in June 2015 when he was just four months old. I guess some things never change!).Cleaning Tips for Dog OwnersCleaning Tips for Pet Owners
Now as a mature dog (even though he’s one now, he’ll always be my puppy), Loki’s favorite thing is to stand at the back door (after he’s played in the backyard) and announce his present to everyone who walks by. This leads to an icky door full of dirty paw prints (since he’s half Dachshund, Loki LOVES digging in the mug! Can you tell?). Window cleaning with windex
Luckily, no job is to big for Windex®!Removing dog paw prints from windows
With just a few sprays of Windex®, the door easily transformed from paw print nightmare to shiny sanitary. 

What’s your go-to product for spring cleaning?

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